Shark News for May 10

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Levy County second graders learn about sea life


Lauren Bartholemy
Shark Correspondent

“Oh! Aw! That’s so cool!” is the sounds coming from the Cedar Key schools aquaculture lab as second graders from all around the county come to view the aquaculture wonders.
 Every year Mr. Whitman and his group of marine science students invited second graders from schools such as Bronson, Chiefland and Williston to learn about what the marine science class had grown in their tanks;  new CKS science teacher Mr. Powers, is not about to drop the tradition.
Chloe Reynolds, Brooke Allen, Keith Eberhardt, Alicia Lambert, Sarah Martin and Mady Riley have raised clown fish, moray eels, bala sharks, redfish and others all year and are ready to show off their hard work on Friday, May 11.
This field trip is not only fun for the second graders, but it is a learning experience – teaching the kids fun facts about the fish and letting them see the interactions of the animals in their environment.
This field trip is also a great way for inter-school relationships to be formed. Chloe Reynolds, a junior and a third year marine science student, commented, “I’m really excited to teach the second graders about what I learned this year. I have done this the past couple years but it’s still different every year, with new faces, and new minds. I’m really excited for Friday and can’t wait to show off my clown fish.”

Senior Spotlight:
Stephen Bainbridge

Montana Beckham
Shark Correspondent

Our senior spotlight for the week goes to Steven Bainbridge, AKA Big Perm. He is the son of Nancy Pelham and Stephen Bainbridge.
Born on March 5, 1994, he attended CKS for 15 years. During those years Stephen has been active in basketball, SGA, FCA and Teen Trendsetters. His favorite thing about CKS is how small it is. His favorite class and teacher was Mr. Whitman’s science class because of his teaching methods and personality.
After graduation Stephen plans to attend Santa Fe and get a degree. In ten years from now he sees himself as a FWC officer patrolling the woods in the Lower Suwannee refuge. He says what he will miss most is seeing everyone all the time at school. Stephen’s fondest memory of CKS is the Great Debate of his class in 7th/8th grade.
Some of Stephen’s favorites include: chicken alfredo and his favorite book is “Good Night Moon”. Buddy Rogers, Stephen’s grandpa, is his role model in life. Buddy has inspired Stephen even though he never got to meet him. Stephen wishes he could be like him day to day. The one thing Stephen would do to change the world would be to stop world hunger.
Stephen’s last words about Cedar Key School is that “Class of 2012 is the beez kneez; you only live once and you can sleep when you’re dead.”

FFA end of the year events

Sarah Bartholemy
Shark Correspondent

The Cedar Key FFA chapter is wrapping up the year with its Kayak Trip and Awards Banquet. The kayak trip is scheduled for May 23 and the Awards Banquet on May 31.
Each year, the chapter kayaks out to Atsena Otie and learns a little bit about the island, participates in leadership activities and heads home. This year, the chapter will be kayaking to the clam lease and harvesting the chapter grown clams, followed by lunch and then back home.
The banquet will consist of recognizing members for such a great year and their individual achievements. The chapter will also be thanking everyone who helped the chapter over the past year.
President Lauren Bartholemy said, “It’s been a great year for Cedar Key FFA, and a pleasure being the senior chapter president. I look forward to next year and maybe, just maybe, it can top this year!”

Teacher and Staff of the Year

Mikayla Pope
Shark Correspondent

Cedar Key School staff gather together every year to pick Teacher of the Year and ESP of the Year. This year, second grade teacher Mrs. Becky Linan was given the honor of being the 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year. Her favorite hobbies are reading and spending time with her family and friends. Her top choice in a snack, hands down, is anything with chocolate but favors Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. When it comes to shopping, Target, Kohl’s and Hobby Lobby is the place to find Mrs. Becky. Locally, she enjoys eating at the Pickled Pelican but, when she gets the chance, she stops by the Ivy House.
ESP of the Year is Mrs. Elaine Raines. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, specifically planting seasonal flowers, hunting, collecting bird feeders as well as watching hummingbirds. When it comes down to picking a favorite snack she couldn’t help a Reese Cup, Hershey’s Kisses, oatmeal and to wash it all down she likes to crack open a fresh Diet Pepsi. Her number one choice for shopping is Dilly Dally Gally, Cato’s and Wal-Mart. If she ever finds herself in Gainesville she loves to stop by Cody’s Roadhouse or Red Lobster, but locally she put Pickled Pelican at the top of her list.
Both of these teachers have worked hard all year and the CKS is honored to have them as faculty members.

May/June CKS events calendar  

Taryn Epperson
Shark Correspondent

May 10: Family Reading Night 6:30-8
May 11: 1st & 2nd pen pall trip
May 14: 4th grade Black Stallion trip
May 16: Early Release, AP English & AP Statistics test
May 17: Last Family Reading Night 6:30-8
May 18: Middle School Jr. Beta Dance
May 22: JR/SR Banquet 6pm
May 24: Kindergarten Circus 9 a.m.
May 25: Field Day
May 28: No School, Memorial Day
May 29: Sr exams, Middle School survivor day
May 30: Sr. Exams
May 31: Sr. Exams, last day of school for seniors
June 1: Graduation Practice
June 2: Graduation 10 a.m.
June 4: High School Awards 9 a.m.
June 5: Exams, middle school awards 9 a.m., Kindergarten Graduation 6:30 p.m.
June 6: Early release, exams, Elementary awards 8:30, Pre-K celebration 6:30 p.m.
June 7th: Early release, exams, Safety Patrol meeting; Bronson 7 p.m.
June 8: Early Release, exams, LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!
June 18: Report Cards, Safety Patrol Trip 18-22

Junior/Senior Banquet

Chloe Reynolds
Shark Correspondent

The end of the school year has finally come and along with it, so has the Cedar Key High School 2012 Junior/Senior Banquet.
This year it will be held in The Island Room on May 22 at 6 p.m.
Juniors and senior are permitted to take one guest.
The guest ticket will cost $17; the cost of the ticket covers everything on the menu which includes: house garden salad with buttermilk herb dressing served with fresh baked rolls and butter. The buffet includes: roast pork loin, grilled chicken breast, shrimp scampi over shells, steamed vegetables, roasted new potatoes and for desert: chocolate cake.
This event is a special tradition at CKS and looked forward to by students throughout their high school journey.

Senior Spotlight:
Claire Brown

Whitney Tyler
Shark Correspondent

Senior Claire Brown, nicknamed “Claire Bear”, is graduating June 2 after attending Cedar Key School since Pre-K. Claire was born on October 18, 1993; she is the daughter of Jenny and Charlie Brown.
Claire has participated in volley ball and cheerleading. She has been in seven clubs; SGA, FFA, FFEA, FBLA, Teen Trendsetters, Journalism and Impact. Claire has held several office positions such as: Senior Class President, Junior Class Secretary, SGA Vice President, SGA President, Leader of Teen Trendsetters for two years, FFA reporter and Cheer Co-Captain.
Claire says her favorite thing about Cedar Key is “It’s so unique! I love being able to walk to the beach after school! Also, the relationship between teachers and students is awesome!”
Claire’s favorite book is “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo; her favorite food is Chinese. Claire says that the class she most enjoyed taking at CKS was Spanish: “So many las fiestas!” Her favorite teacher after all these years has been Mr. Whitman. She says, “He introduced me to many new cool things in marine science that I never imagined I’d take interest in.”
When asked who was someone who inspired Claire she answered, “Mrs. Becky’s second graders, they make me a better person. I love them!” Claire’s two fondest memories from CKS was winning Most Spirited Cheerleader two years in row, and the bus ride home from Shores Christian Academy after CKS varsity basketball players beat them. “It was our first win in two years and EVERYONE – even the boys – cheered ‘I am a Shark Fan’ all the way home. I love being a shark!” Claire says what she will miss most about high school is seeing her friends daily and cheerleading.
After graduation Claire plans to visit her fiancé in Japan during the summer, whom is also a Cedar Key High School graduate and is currently in the U.S. Navy.  After that, Claire plans on finishing her A.A. degree in elementary education before transferring to a university to work on her bachelor’s degree and minor in communications.
 In ten years Claire sees herself “teaching in a small town very similar to CKS, married with at least two kids, and still writing editorials for a paper somewhere.” If Claire could change the world she says that she would start by putting an end to all forms of bullying.
Claire Brown says with a small smile “As much as I’m looking forward to graduating high school and starting my life I know in a few years I’ll really miss it. I’m happy to say I’ll be looking back on high school fondly. There’s no school I’d rather have gone to than CKS! I feel so blessed. I’ll ALWAYS be a shark no matter where life takes me!”

Tips for 2013 graduates

By Claire Brown
Shark Correspondent

Graduation is just around the corner and as far as I’m concerned, it can take its sweet time getting here. This year has gone by too quickly. I’ve spent 36 weeks out of every year for the past 14 years at Cedar Key School and saying goodbye is not coming easily for me. It’s very bittersweet, mostly bitter. The following are my tips for the seniors of next year…
1- Do not overexert yourself. Actually, even if you think you can handle a certain load, give it careful consideration before making any year-long commitments. This year I did at least two - three college classes each semester and partook in many extracurricular activities, along with my typical high school work load, a part time job, to add to the stress my boyfriend was deployed the entire time. The first semester I was fine, but with the school year coming to an end and a new scholarship being presented to me every week (some of which require three essays) I wish I had not stretched myself so thin. It’s hard to enjoy the end of your senior year when you feel as if you’re being pulled in a million different directions.
2- Listen to Mrs. Jennie Lynn and adhere to all her deadlines. I know you’re going to feel like you have time to get stuff done but she knows better! I spent many days sitting in her office on the day something was due cranking out essays!
3- Don’t indulge in any petty drama. It’s your last year, make good memories!
4- Take lots of pictures. Remember how many pictures you use to take in middle school? Do that during your senior year.
5- Do not procrastinate. As I sit here and type this article I have just a few minutes to finish before I have to rush back to school and do a test that should’ve been done weeks ago. Procrastination is doable your 9th, 10th and 11th grade years—but your senior year? Don’t even try.
6- Embrace change. Lots of changes come along when you’re a senior that makes you feel like an adult. You turn 18. You apply for college. Don’t fear the change, embrace it and with every new opportunity make wise decisions for your future.
7- It’s okay to not know what career you want. I have bounced between two ideal careers this year—elementary education and journalism. It’s okay to not be sure of what you want to do; you have time to make that decision. What is important is to have a basic plan including where you plan to attend college and what kind of field you would like to work in. As you get older you will discover new career possibilities you never imagined!       
If I could go back and redo my senior year, I would follow all these guidelines. I wish someone had told me all of this last summer! I hope my mishaps can be of some assistance to you all graduating next year. Being a senior is a blast and it only happens once in your life! Enjoy it.