Shark News for Jan. 26

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Get ready, and get
excited; it’s Homecoming

By Taryn Epperson & Montana Beckham
Shark Correspondents
Homecoming week is always a smash hit for the Sharks. Every day is something different to get the players ready and excited for Friday’s game. Shark Pride was the theme for this week.
Monday: Get Fired Up (wear red/dress as a fireman), Tuesday: Shark Pride is Ageless (dress as an old person), Wednesday: Literacy Day (dress as your favorite storybook character), Thursday: Crazy for the Sharks (wear crazy clothes/hair), and Friday: Shark Pride (all purple and gold)
In correlation with Monday’s theme: “Get Fired Up”, many students took the challenge to wear red and started getting pumped for the homecoming game. Students wore red shirts, pants and some even put flames on their shoes, for the first day of homecoming the sharks are getting excited. Shark Time is ageless students dressed as older people, wearing rollers in their hair, or bringing a cane to hobble down the hall, as Friday approachesSharks are getting eager to play.
Literacy Day, a big hit, students dressed as their favorite storybook characters. From Sleeping Beauty to Harry Potter, many CKS students got into dressing up. Thursday and Friday are expected to be the most popular, crazy outfits and purple and gold are recipes for tons of Shark Pride, as the games are getting closer the sharks are getting ready to rumble!

Branford VS Cedar Key: Homecoming Game

By Lauren Bartholemy & Mikayla Pope
Shark Correspondents
Cedar Key is ready to play the Branford Buccaneers for Homecoming. This Friday, Middle School girls and boys as well as the Varsity are gearing up for the last game of the season.  Both of the Middle School teams beat Branford the first time they played.
The Varsity girls lost, unlike the Varsity boys who won their game. Each team has high hopes going into the game.
Taryn Epperson, a freshman on the team, exclaimed, “I really want to win this game. We have a chance, even though we only have seven players.”  
After the games, the Cheerleaders will perform a dance. Claire Brown, a senior on the team, commented on the performance, “We worked really hard on it, and we are all really excited. It is going to be the best one since I have started cheering.”
 After the dance, the cheerleaders are hosting a Homecoming dance for the High School and Middle School. The Sharks ask you to come join and support us this Friday, Jan. 27 for Homecoming.

Literacy Week

By Whitney Tyler
Shark Correspondent
Cedar Key’s Homecoming week has gotten all the students in a jumble trying to plan out events and spirit week days, but there is also something else to add to the mix.
This week was Literacy Week. Mrs. Sue Penny decided different activities and even a dress-up day. During the week, each fifth period class and elementary classes was to decorate their door with a ‘Sea Themed Book’.
On Monday, there was a Stop Drop and Read day for middle and high school. During forth period, teachers were to have their students read for 20 minutes.
On Tuesday, the elementary students had guest readers, Wednesday was storybook dress up day  - everyone had a chance to pick out their favorite character from a book and dress like the character. Thursday was the due date for the Door Decorating contest and Friday was the traditional Homecoming pep rally with the Cheerleader’s skit.
 All throughout the week, the students were also able to go to the Media Center and design their own book mark.

Writing Letter vs. Texting/Email/Facebook

 By Claire Brown
Shark Correspondent
Need to get in touch with someone? Well, with all the tools for communication in today’s world you can pick up your cell phone and call, text, Facebook, email or “tweet” them in a matter of seconds.
But what if all of those things weren’t an option? What if the only way to communicate with someone was through the United States Postal Service? Did that thought just give you chills? Because I know I was not thrilled about the thought when my boyfriend, who is in the Navy, told me that letters would be our primary way of communicating for four months.
Both letters and the electronic ways of communication have pros and cons. With email, Facebook, etc. you have the luxury of speed and convenience. You can send someone a message and have a response almost immediately. However, with those things you have to worry about battery life, reception, and if your cell phone or computer breaks it’s not cheap to repair.
Letters on the other hand, don’t run out of batteries. You don’t have to worry about having enough service to send a letter. However, letters take a lot longer than a text to get to their recipient. When Tyler was stationed in Chicago I could text him and get a reply in about 30 seconds. However, when I would send him a letter it would take about four  days to get to him.
Now that Tyler’s in Japan, I don’t really have the option of electronically communicating or writing letters. It’s a hard adjustment to make, but it’s possible. Having that luxury taken away made me realize how many things I have that I don’t really need and how many things I take for granted.
I like writing and receiving letters. When I get a letter from Tyler it shows that he took the time out of his busy day to sit down and write a letter which means a lot. In this way, letters are more personal and have more meaning than a text or email.
I’m not saying that we should all convert completely to using the U.S. Postal Service because sometimes convenience is better than meaning; but I do think everyone should occasionally try this way of communicating.

Lauren Bartholemy and Taryn Epperson Shark Correspondent
FFA has started to recruit its new members - fifth grade.  The Cedar Key FFA Senior and Junior Chapter officers teamed up to teach the importance of leadership and the history of FFA to the fifth grade class.
This program is called the Sprouts, and was created by the Cedar Key FFA chapter. The name Sprouts represents the new growth in the FFA Chapters and also ties into the agriculture aspect of the club.
The workshop started off with a quick picture presentation created by Laia Gore the senior chapter Vic-President.  Then they groups were sent to the four workshops. The first group was the CDE group, explaining all about Career Development Events and the contest the FFA chapter does. Leadership was the next group explaining about how FFA is a leadership organization.  FFA history group was a big hit, teaching the group important dates and other fun facts. The last group was the Project group, the fifth grade got to see the terraces, the koi pond, hydroponics, and the classroom fish tanks.  Spout Kent Sloan said, “My favorite part was learning how FFA works and it has made me want to join FFA!”