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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

High school and middle school awards

By Josh Berger and Dylan Webster

The high school and middle school award ceremony is to be held on June 2 in the auditorium the high school will be at nine am followed by middle school at ten.

The awards will be given to students in the classes who have the highest grade point averages. These classes include math, language arts, social studies, science, art, writing, and reading. Additional awards that will be given at the ceremony include the citizenship award and the perfect attendance award.

Pen pals visit Silver River Museum

By Jessi Robinson

CKS third graders recently had the chance to visit their Ocala Pen Pals, for the second time this year, on Friday, May 23. Local third grade teacher, DeAnne Watson says, "We had a great time! The students enjoyed a scavenger hunt in the Silver River Museum with help from their pen pals. Next, we learned about life long ago in Florida and even went inside the Cracker Village and a school."

Most students, such as CKS third grader, Taylor Fradella, had a preferred moment out of the whole trip. She says, "I really liked the old school house, because I liked to see what it was like in the old days."

With the help of Ms. Tina Berger, Ms. DeAnne printed out photos and made a DVD of each student with their pen pal with pictures from when they first visited the third graders in Cedar Key, and also from when they traveled to Seahorse. Each student received their own copy to take home and keep.

In most cases, the students forget to keep in touch, but some students plan to, such as Nathanael Brinkman, whose pen pal is planning on coming down and visiting this summer, and Sarah Stephenson, who has already swapped home addresses with her pen pal, to make it easier to keep in touch over the summer. Ms. DeAnne also mentioned that she was positive that her students were "very eager" when they got to visit with their pen pals for the final time this year.

No Tent Required

By Caely Hibbits

The kindergarten circus is in town once again. Every year the kindergarteners put on their costumes and perform for the town. This year it will be held at 9 a.m. Friday in the amphitheatre. The students will be a ringmaster, dancing poodles, a strongman and much much more. As always there is a new act in the circus and this year it is titled "The White Tigers and their Fearless Tamer."

Popcorn and lemonade is being sold at the circus, so parents may want to send their children with money. The circus seats will fill up fast, so it is best to arrive early to get good seats.

Sports banquet rewards hard work

By Caely Hibbits

Cedar Key School's athletic awards were held in the auditorium at Cedar Key School, concluding the 2007 sports season. Out of all of the dedicated students who participated in the sports, two athletes made it to state competitions, both in Track and Field; Samantha Beckham in pole vault, and Caely Hibbits in high jump. They both were awarded plaques for their performance.

In Cross Country, for the varsity boys, Micah Shelby received the trophy for MVP with the lowest points scored. In Cross Country the winner is the competitor with the lowest points. This is because a participant receives one point for finishing 1st and ten points for finishing tenth. Joseph Bishop received the Sportsmanship award. For the girls, Zoe Stuber received the MVP award and Caely Hibbits. The varsity girls also held the highest grade point average of any team all season, with an average GPA of 3.7.

Varsity Volleyball veteran Shawna Fenton was awarded Best Team Player and Rebekah Shelby, who was not present, received Most Improved. On the Middle School Volleyball team: Jade Watson was given the Best Team Player Trophy and Cheyenne Wells received Heart and Hustle award.

For the first year Mrs. Kim Bishop the Cheerleading coach gave two awards instead of only one, Most CKS Spirit was awarded to Michelle DiMaggio and Coach's Award went to Jordan Watson.

Middle school softball players Molly Gordon and Miranda Haire were both awarded the Team Co-Captain Award. In girls' Basketball, the middle school MVP was Savannah Beckham and Bianca Spraggs got the Sportsmanship award. In boys' Basketball, middle schooler Josh Sills was given the Mr. Offense award, and Stephen Bainbridge collected the Most Improved. Varsity players Joseph Bishop and Justin Speegle earned the Coach's Award. The varsity awards were given to Jenny Bierman and Deanna Littlefield for the Coach's Award and Most Improved, accordingly.

Batting Champion in Baseball was Ryan Alford with a batting average way above average. Aaron Esposito received the Coach's Award.

Track and Field had quite a few awards to hand out, Josh Loyd had the highest points for this track season and was awarded the MVP award. Justin Speegle earned Sportsmanship. For the girls side Samantha Beckham was MVP and Deanna Littlefield received Sportsmanship. At this time Samantha Beckham and Caely Hibbits were called up to receive their plaques for being State Qualifiers. Samantha Beckham came in third at the State Meet in Pole Vault.

Last but not least, Tennis, Joseph Bishop was the MVP and Frankie Beckham Most Improved. The banquet was a success, parents, teachers, coaches, and players love to see the pictures and awards the participants are awarded too.