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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class


By Zo Stuber

Juniors and seniors took the ASVAB test, a career exploration test, last Tuesday. The ASVAB is a prediction test for upper classman, and based on the student's answers, offers a wide range of career options that the student may be interested in. The test is required and is taken in either 11th or 12th grade.

The juniors and seniors assembled in the auditorium at 8:30 and began the first of four sections of the test. When they were finally released at 11:30, most were grumbling about the length of the test, 350 questions. Taylor Rains, a junior, walked into his fifth period just as the bell for lunch was ringing, he said with a smile, "The test was pretty easy, but it was so long." The majority of students shared Taylor's opinion but were also grateful to discover talents they may not have known about, and for the opportunity to look at possible careers.

Fall sports


By Caely Hibbits

The fall sports have begun. Volleyball players have been holding an open gym on Tuesday mornings from nine am to eleven a.m., while some Cross Country runners have been getting together for runs every morning during the summer. Now that school has begun and games will be starting today the participants are in full swing mode and ready for action.

The Varsity Volleyball team has new uniforms as well as a new coach. Ms. Cheryl Allen has coached two years before and is back! The players this year are Seniors: Samantha Beckham, Michelle DiMaggio, and Jordan Watson, the rest of the team consists of Amber White, Caely Hibbits, Megan Martin, and Miranda Hair.

The cross-country team is being coached by Brad Penny again. The runners are Joseph Bishop, Evan Lyons, Frankie Beckham, Zoe Stuber, Megan Stuber, Megan Martin, Jacob Crosby, Caely Hibbits, Josh Loyd, Josh Lumley, Josh Berger, Sarah Bartholomy, Lauren Bartholomy, and Caitlin Goss. The high school runners are running a "fun run" in Walt Disney World. The run consists of a 5K and then a scavenger hunt. The runners then get to walk around Animal Kingdom and after that travel around Epcot.