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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Full Speed Ahead for SGA
Shark Correspondent
Members of Cedar Key's Student Government Association (SGA) are already in full planning mode for their yearly projects. Last Wednesday, at the second meeting of the school year, club shirts were picked, service projects were decided, and new members Jemima Cahours, Mikayla Pope, Caitlin Goss, Angel Neese, Molly Gordon, Lauren Bartholemy, Haley Simpson, Alicia Lambert, Sarah Martin, Aaron Beauchamp and Whitney Tyler were able to get a feel for what this busy club is all about.
President Jessi Robinson, Vice President Claire Brown, and members Chloe Reynolds and Matt Tysinger attended the first of the Levy Association of Student Councils meetings for the year in Bronson at the beginning of the week to discuss the theme of the year, Community Service and Involvement, with the other SGA representatives in Levy County. On the 29th of this month, the members will take advantage of their early release day to clean up their previously-adopted stretch of road from the school to the Island Jiffy on State Road 24.

Also on the schedule for the next month is the deadline for the first of the two service projects for the 2010-'11 school year. The club is in the beginning stages of collecting small entertainment items for our local members in the US troops overseas to enjoy. Flyers will be around town and specifically marked jars will be placed at the Jiffy stores on the island asking for any kind of donations. These boxes will be packaged on Tuesday, October 12th and mailed soon after in order for the recipients' gifts to arrive for the upcoming holidays. If anyone is interested in donating items or money before the 12th, Jessi and Advisor Sue Penney can be contacted at the school at 543.5223.


Middle School Volleyball
Shark Correspondent
The Middle School Volleyball Team won last night's game against the Bell Bulldogs.  
Coach Malinda Roland said "The team played well using good communication.  We will continue to work on controlling the ball."
The players won set one 25 to 18, with four service points from Taryn Epperson and 4 service points from Sarah Bartholemy.  On set two, yet another win 25 to 19. Dajah Donaldson had seven service points followed by Taryn Epperson with five service points.  Sarah Bartholemy served the final game point of the evening.  
Team player Phoebe Cahours said "The girls gave it their all, and in the end it paid off."

 JV Volleyball

Cedar Key vs. Bell
Set 1 score: CK 25 - Bell 17
Set 2 score: CK 22 - Bell 25
Set 3 score: CK 10 - Bell 15
Bell won the match.
Leading servers:
Haley Simpson = 7 points
Jade Watson = 7 points - 1 ace
Jemima Cahours = 9 points
"The players are becoming more familiar with their roles and more refined in their skills.  We are strong competitors and just need to stay focused on finding the weak spots on the court." Cheryl Allen

Cedar Key vs. Oak Hall
Set 1 score: CK 21 - Oak Hall 25
Set 2 score: CK 15- Oak Hall 25
Oak Hall won the match.
Leading servers:
Haley Simpson = 6 points
Brooke Allen = 4 points

"This game was packed with exciting volleys.  Brooke worked the setting position skillfully to get some nicely positioned balls in the air for hitters Molly and Jade.  Molly finished with a hard kill from the right and rejected the opponent's kill with a towering block.  Unfortunately, we were several players down on the bench and made too many of the same errors that put Oak Hall in a perfect position for returning the ball before we were ready to play it."


CK sending members to presidents conference
Shark Correspondent
For the first time ever Cedar Key is sending two members to the FFA Chapter Presidents Conference in Daytona Beach.
Junior FFA President Taryn Epperson and Senior Chapter Vice President Laia Gore will be attending.
This conference is crucial for the leadership development of our chapter officer teams. Through this event they will attend seven different types of leadership training. They will be focusing on four main objectives: Visioneering, Membership, Marketable Leadership, and Team Agriculture Education. Each of the points focus on gaining knowledge for creating a vision for their chapter, communicating with members as well as advisers, exploring the opportunities of representing their members, and recognizing the importance of partnerships within the chapter.
Both chapters are looking forward to seeing what skills and ideas are brought back.


Future teachers start education now
Shark Correspondent
Your educators of tomorrow talk today about how they plan to benefit our school. The Florida Future Educators of America [FFEA] met for breakfast on Sept. 8 in Linda Campbell's room to discuss what requirements are to join.
FFEA is an organization that looks at teaching as a profession, along with understudying teachers at our school to learn about education. To join FFEA you must have a 2.5 grade point average, and have your three teacher recommendation forms. This year's officers are President Jade Watson, Vice President Sarah Martin, Secretary Alicia Lambert, and Treasurer Molly Gordon.
Member Haley Simpson says "Education is the key to a good future; learn while you can, so when you need the knowledge it's there." That's exactly what FFEA is about.


Officer elections held for year
Shark Correspondent
The Cedar Key Jr. Beta Chapter held their 2010-2011 officer election on Wednesday, Sept. 15, voting in Lauren Bartholemy as president, Heather Deaton as vice president, Stephanie Hathcox as treasurer, and Taylor Davison as secretary. The 10 members who attended the meeting were Lauren Bartholemy, Brooke Allen, Sarah Bartholemy , Michael Shewey, Heather Deaton, Taryn Epperson, Ridely Reynolds, Stephanie Hathcox, Joey Miller, and Taylor Davison.
Along with Advisor Kim Bishop, the students reviewed what had taken place at the last meeting of the previous school year. Discussions about fund raisers, community service projects, school beautification, meetings, and induction of new members were among the topics.

One fish, two fish, black fish, blue fish

Shark Correspondent
Mr. Whitman's Marine biology class at Cedar Key school, went out on Friday, Sept. 10, to Joe Rains Beach to catch fish for the tanks in the Marine Lab. The students enrolled in the class are Brittany Colson, James Demkovich, Jenny Bierman, Miranda Haire, Chloe Reynolds, Adam Iovine, Harley Lambert, Deanna Littlefield, Angel Neese, Megan Martin, Claire Brown, and Courtney Daniel. They collected over 10 different species of marine life, including mullet, catfish, whiting, flounder, pompano and a butterfly ray. This was the first of many trips to gather sea life.