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By The Staff

Kindergarten Circus is Back!

By Josh Berger

Shark Contributor

The annual kindgarten circus was back at Cedar Key last Thursday, the twenty-first of

May. It was performed by none other than the Cedar Key kindergarten class.  They had tight rope walkers, lions, and a strong man who could lift a bear.  Faithful to the yearly tradition, the entire school came to the circus.  The kindergarten class also sold lemonade and popcorn for a quarter each.  Instead of the outdoor amphitheatre, the circus was held in the auditorium, where space was limited, but performance was not.

Middle school Awards!

By Josh Berger

Shark Contributor

Awards for the students that did particularly well in a certain class or behavior were recognized last Monday. Principal Sue Ice opened it up with the citizenship award; this award was given to two people from each grade. The citizenship winners in sixth grade were Taryn Epperson and Michael Shewey, seventh grade Brooke Allen and Jake Marrall and eighth grade the winners were Leah Underhill and Christian Fisher. She then gave out the only perfect attendance award to Brooke Allen noting that with the outbreak of chicken pox among stomach virus’ it was quite a feat.

Ms. Linda Campbell gave out the accelerated reader awards these were given out by first second and third place in Accelerated reader points.  The third place winner was Brooke Allen, second place Mady Riley and the first place winner was Chloe Reynolds. Ms BJ Arrington the Middle School Language Arts teacher gave out the language arts awards for best GPA all year round was Heather Deaton for sixth grade, Laia Gore for seventh and Jade Watson for the eighth grade. 

Ms Kim wasn’t able to make it to the awards so Ms BJ did her awards to. The sixth grade winner was Taryn Epperson, seventh grade was Kira Telgen and the eighth grade winner was Chloe Reynolds.

Mr. Denny Voyles gave out the science and social studies overall awards, for science the sixth grade winner was Kira Telgen and Stephanie Hathcox as honorable mention. Seventh grade was won by Megan Stuber and honorable mentioned was tied by Brooke Allen and Laia Gore. In Social Studies the awards went to Kira Telgen in sixth grade, Brooke Allen in seventh grade and Mady Riley in the eighth.

2009 Kindergarten Graduation

By Jessi Robinson

Shark Contributor

The 2008-2009 Kindergarten class’ graduation was held last Friday, May 26.  Mrs. Brenda Coulter assisted Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Kathy McCain, with both the Processional and Recessional music.  After the slideshow of pictures from the year’s progression had played, the young graduates entered at 9:30 am, in white gowns, the boys donning gold hats and girls in purple.

After “Spread a Little Sunshine”, “Learning Letter Sounds”, and the “Vowel Sound Samba”, sang by the class as a whole, each individual student recited a nursery rhyme.  After thirteen of the fourteen rhymes, due to one graduate being absent, the class sang “Country Countdown 1-20”, leading up to the main event of the hour.  CKS Principal Mrs. Sue Ice presented the future class of 2021’s kindergarten diplomas.

A final poem was recited by the newly graduated class, the then recessional played as the kindergarten graduates exited.

When asked, 2009 graduate Steven Poole, the Kindergarten aide for 2008-2009, said, “Mrs. Kathy has done a great job all year putting things together and allowing the kids to have many new experiences.”  Ms. Kathy wanted to thank the graduates’ parents, as well as Ms. Linda, Ms. Katie, Ms. Pam, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Brenda, Ms. Sherie, Ms. Kamala, Ms. DeAnne, Ms. Marissa, Ms. Ice, Ms. Cindy, Coach Paeth, Steven, and everyone else at CKS for making everything possible.


Pre-K Celebration

Zoë Stuber

Shark Contributor

  Cedar Key’s voluntary pre-kindergarten class held the advancement ceremony last week in the auditorium.  The ceremony mirrored the graduation ceremony for seniors.  A slide show of memories was shown on the stage and each of the aspiring students presented their parents with a flower.  Each child was paired with one of their peers to sing a nursery rhyme.  The class as a whole then sang eight songs.  Teachers Miss Emiley and Mrs. Elaine presented their “special thank you’s” towards the end of the celebration.

Once the celebration had ended in the auditorium, the class and their parents gathered in the classroom to have a pizza party.  Tina Berger, who took photographs of the event, said “the celebration was nice.  They [the students] had fun and did a great job.”

Reading for Food and Fun

By Sarah Martin

Shark Contributor

Middle school students that read ten or more Sunshine State reader books were rewarded with a party. Students had lunch, which came from a local restaurant, and was provided by staff members of Cedar Key School. They also were served cupcakes and ice cream for desert.

Separated into teams of two, they had to answer trivia questions about certain books that resembled the game jeopardy. These students also did clay animations where each person was given clay and told to make a scene out of one of the books that they read. Since they read plenty of books this year, students also were rewarded with a book of their choice, which they got to order themselves. Tiffany Locke says, “It was an awesome party and I cannot stop reading my book that I got.” This reward party occurred last week on May 28.