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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Journalism class updates

Cedar Key School's Journalism class is hard at work, and is already beginning the 2008-2009 yearbook, which is in full color, much to the excitement of the student body.

The color yearbook is available to CKS due to the school's small size and the fact that the Journalism class will be using a new yearbook design program.

Carmen Doyle, the Journalism class adviser, along with Tina Berger, technical adviser, went to the Herff's Up!Yearbook Connection Conference last Saturday.

At this conference, Herff Jones representatives discussed new trends in the yearbook industry, as well as the features of their new yearbook design program, eDesign.

Students of the Journalism class are looking forward to using this new program, which is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

The fact that the yearbook is available on most any computer will help the staff meet deadlines, as well as help keep the yearbook process organized with its orderly system.

While the advisers learned about budgeting and problems that first year advisers encounter, staff member Caely Hibbits, and Editor Lindsay Edmunds participated in a group discussion about issues that staff members face. Such issues include staff motivation, organizational skills, and fundraiser tips. The 2009 yearbook is $40; if you buy in advance, you may have your name stamped on the front cover.

Soon an online ordering website will be available, so keep an eye out for updates!

Hey good lookin'! Watcha got cookin'?

By Sarah Martin and Alicia Lambert

This year, Mrs. Kim Bishop is having a cooking class in wheel. The students are going to be making a variety of things from casseroles to cookies. Each week they will be working on different categories of foods. For example, week one is breakfast, but week two is soups and salads. Students are graded on Daily Participation, Final Product, Comment Cards, and of course, quizzes. Mrs. Kim also teaches Nutrition and Budgets.

On Mondays, students plan ahead, make the menus, and create the grocery lists. Then Tuesday, is called Cooking 101- Easy. Wednesday is called Cooking 102 for beginners. Thursday and Friday are more advanced cooking projects.

The class lasts 90 minutes, so that means from preparation to cleaning up, they are always busy.



The Sharks' varsity cross country team "ran for a cause "last weekend, acquiring pledges and donations toward their run in Disney's Animal Kingdom on Sept. 27. Runners collected pledges for a certain distance run, similar to the basketball team's "Shoot-a-thon."

The team participates in a run at Disney every year, as a reward and incentive for team members. If the runner has come to all practices and required events, such as working a stand at festivals, the runner will be allowed to go. Last year the team ran 13 K Tower of Terror Race (8.1 miles) in Disney's MGM, now Hollywood Studios. "We haven't finished tallying up all the money yet, but it should be close to $1,000 dollars," states team coach, Brad Penney.

The money earned this year will cover the Disney trip in full, and the run-a-thon was so profitable that the team is ordering t-shirts for this season, something they can't always afford. The t-shirts the Sharks ordered have the phrase "Trample the weak, hurdle the wounded" on the back.

When asked what she thought of the new slogan, runner Megan Stuber said with a smile, "I think we'll live up to the shirts. We're all hoping for a winning season."

Math Mania Days

By Jessi Robinson

This year's CKS Middle School is participating in the 2008 Math Mania Days. This online-based competition will be held on Sep. 16 and 17 in Middle School Math teacher, Kim Bishop's, classroom. Also participating were the third graders.

Third grade

walking field trip

By Dylan Webster

The Third grade class will be going on a walking field trip on Friday Sept. 19. The class has been studying their community and local history in class. Mrs. Pam Alexander will also be giving a historical tour.

After the students gather information from the field trip they will each select a building and will write and draw about their building.

Later all of the students' work will be made into a children's guide to Cedar Key, and will be sold in the local museum.

Sharks lose to First Academy

By Claire Brown

The Cedar Key Sharks varsity volleyball team lost the game against First Academy last Friday. The Sharks played a very close game and pulled off a win in the second set. The final scores were 8-25 in the first game, 26-24 in the second, 19-25 in the third, and 24-26 in the fourth. When asked what she thought of the game Coach Cheryl Allen responded "If the girls keep playing as hard as they're playing, they're certain to pull out a win!"

Cedar Key Scholarship Pancake Breakfast

By Taryn Epperson

The Scholarship Pancake Breakfast held at Anne's Caf last Saturday was very successful. The Eagle's Club volunteers, and students that came to help, served people of all ages that came to support the school, some coming not realizing it was a fundraiser. The money collected will go into the scholarship fund. They served approximately 238 breakfasts.

At the entrance they also sold raffle tickets for baskets of goodies, such as a picnic supply basket, a hurricane supply basket, a snack basket, a coffee basket and a Halloween for two basket. Congratulations to the five lucky winners who won the raffle baskets, one being our very own Annie McCain! Thank you to everyone that came out to help and support the school and a huge thanks to Glenda Richburg and her staff and everyone who sold tickets.