Shark News

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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Girls, boys fall to Hernando

By Josh Berger and Jessi Robinson

Cedar Key girls were defeated by Hernando Christian last Thursday, 54-23. Kacey Miller scored 21 points for the Sharks, including two free throws. Hernando Christian's balanced scoring and our ability to stop their offense were major factors.

Varsity Boys were also unsuccessful in their match against Hernando, losing 71-36. David Bishop, the leading scorer of the night, 12 points; followed by Justin Speegle, with eight points, including two foul shots. Joe Bishop had a total of six points. Other scorers include Matt Reichert, Richie Rain, and Tom Sakelson.

Lady Sharks lose to Seven Rivers

By Zo Stuber

The Lady Sharks played a close game against Seven Rivers Christian Academy last Friday, losing by one point with a final score of 37 to 36. The lead scorer for the Sharks was Kacey Miller, closely followed by Caely Hibbits. Seven Rivers player Carolyn Allen knocked in a lay-up during the last two seconds of the fourth quarter, finally overtaking what had been, for the Sharks, a steady lead.

In 2008 I promise...

By Claire Brown

The first graders at Cedar Key School recently learned about New Year's resolutions. Ms. Susie Hodges taught the children what a new year's resolution was and why people make them. After the lesson Ms. Susie gave each child the opportunity to make their own resolutions. The first graders promised to do all sorts of good things this year.

For instance, Nick Kaim says, "In 2008, I promise to clean my room." Joey Stewart promises, "In 2008, I promise I will help people when they are sick. I'll call 911." Rhea West's resolution reads, "In 2008, I promise I won't be bad and I won't scream." Last but definitely not least, Cassie Lozier says "In 2008 I promise to make the world a better place by cleaning the litter."

FFA Leadership Conference

by Zo Stuber

Cedar Key FFA chapter members Jade Watson, Alicia Lambert, and Chloe Reynolds attended the FFA Leadership Training Conference on Dec. 14 and 15. The conference was held at the one hundred and sixty-seven acre FFA Leadership Training Center located on Lake Pierce near Haines City. The conference began on Friday afternoon with registration and concluded on Saturday afternoon with the closing ceremony.

The conference theme was about space, with the attendees being astronauts on the way to success. The new slogan was "Out of this World." The opening session started with all FFA members in official dress, and was led by the state FFA officer team. The opening ceremony focused around the history of FFA. Starting in 1928, the members "rocketed" through all the past FFA highlights and accomplishments, then reviewed and discussed the mission and motto. The state officers led the members through various relationship and life skills, agriculture, and business activities throughout the program. Says Chloe Reynolds of the activities, "Time flies when you're having fun!"

The main session was centered around leadership skills and ways to become successful. Leaders from the past, especially those in the field of space exploration, were used as examples of how young FFA members can develop the abilities necessary to become a successful leader. At seven a.m. on Saturday morning, the state officers coordinated a flag raising ceremony to emphasize the need for future leaders.

On the way to the conference, the Levy county students had the opportunity to visit a hydroponics agriculture facility in Wildwood. The facility grew strawberries, and it was a chance for the students from Cedar Key School to view a hydroponics farm "in action" so they could see the process of hydroponic farming and apply techniques they learned to the development of their own strawberry farm in Cedar Key.