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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

FFA Land Judging Contest

By Zo Stuber

On Friday middle-schoolers Laia Gore, Tyler Anderson, Mady Riley, and Sam Smith, members of the Cedar Key FFA Land Judging Team, will participate in the district competition held in Gilchrist County.

The competition requires the participants to determine the quality of the soil, composition, and the degree of slope. In addition to that, the members will also have to suggest ways to improve the quality of the soil, ways to improve the crop yield, and whether or not the soil would be good for building foundations, farming, or installing septic systems.

The students are putting in extra practice time this week, preparing for the culmination of two months of studying and research. Says FFA sponsor Dennis Voyles, "They've really worked hard on this project and should do well."

FFEA shadows Chiefland


By Caely Hibbits

For FFEA member, the first day back to school after the long weekend was spent shadowing kindergarten teachers. Jordan Watson, Joseph Bishop, and Caely Hibbits and Future Florida Educators of America's sponsor Linda Campbell traveled to Chiefland Elementary and were split among their nine kindergarten class rooms.

Unlike at Cedar Key School, there are about 900 students in the Chiefland Elementary. Most of the kindergartners worked in stations while Cedar Key's FFEA members helped the teachers by keeping the kids quiet, reading to them, or counting. An elective that the kindergartners take on Tuesday is music; they all sing songs and learn how to play instruments.

Senior Spotlight on Ceciley Bierman

By Jessi Robinson

Ceciley Marie Bierman is one of this week's senior spotlights. Ceciley's family includes parents Jay and Tammy Bierman, and sister Jenny Bierman. Ceciley's favorite teacher is "Ms. Susie Hodges because I had so much fun as her aide and she inspired me to become a first grade teacher." Ceciley plans on going to Santa Fe Community College and then, a little later, the University of Florida, to hopefully become an elementary school teacher.

Her most preferred subject in school is "English, because I enjoy reading authors like Shakespeare." If she had to chose, she would say that her favorite food is "Macaroni and cheese with ketchup, bacon bits, and parmesan," and her favorite movie, as of this moment is "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street." She really likes the "Sweeny Todd" soundtrack, along with the song "Northern Lights" by 403. The band "Epiphany" is another one of her favorites.

Her most memorable moment from school here at CKS, was when "I accidentally hit Micah in the jaw with my elbow when the crab almost got my hand."

Green's Gavel Club travels to Cedar Key

By Caely Hibbits

On Feb. 18, Green's Gavel Club of Gainesville came to Cedar Key to show the new Cedar Key Gavel Club how to run a meeting. The meeting was complete with impromptu speeches about presidents, and Ara Tolar gave a speech called "Why I'm A Patriot." The Gainesville Gavel Club has been chartered for six years. Mr. Jim Green, the founder of Green's Gavel Club, is now creating one in Cedar Key. To start the club they must have 20 members, so if you are under 18 and interested in joining contact Mr. Jim Green, Caely Hibbits, Deanna Littlefield, or Zo Stuber.

Let George do it

The first, second and third grades will present this musical about George Washington on Thursday, Feb. 28 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

Senior Spotlight on Ryan Lumley

By Claire Brown

Ryan Lumley, a senior at Cedar Key School, plans to move to Tampa and live with his dad, Mike Lumley, while attending school at Hillsborough Community College. His family consists of his parents Jodi Barry and Mike Lumley, and siblings Josh Lumley, Camryn Lumley, and Ethan Barry.

Ryan claims his most liked subject in school is business because "I like to be in control of large sums of money and be the boss, also because it is going to be my profession."

If you were to ask Ryan what his most memorable moment from school was he would reply "my most memorable moment was in ninth grade when I started track and field, I went to an invitational and I was keeping up with senior throwers and all the coaches were surprised." Ryan especially enjoyed participating in track and field in high school. According to Ryan his most liked teacher is Coach Paeth, because "he teaches all the business classes I like and he always has great stories to tell." His favorite club is FBLA.

Over any other food Ryan says he prefers his dad's homemade ribs. Ryan's favorite song is "Can't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and his movie of choice is "Kung-Pow we- o-we-o-we."

Help CKS "Leap up the Ladder"

By Jessi Robinson

"It's a Leap Year Dinner to help CKS "Leap up the Ladder - to a new playground!" The members of the Cedar Key Aquaculture and Oysterman Association are sponsoring a Clam and Oyster Dinner as a fundraiser for the CKS playground and fitness area, on Friday, Feb. 29, from 5-7 p.m., at the City Park.

If you wish to purchase tickets, you can call the school at (352) 543-5223. Tickets are $8.