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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Boat donated to CKS Marine Science class

Shark News Staff Report

Mr. and Mrs. Buzz Healy donated a 20-foot aluminum pontoon boat, which seats 10 passengers, along with its trailer and a 50 Hp outboard motor. The Marine Science class has modified the boat this year by removing some of the seats as well as some of the cleats to provide more work space. The solid aluminum sides have also been replaced with posts and nylon net. Indoor-outdoor carpet has been laid down on the deck, and a frame has been built and secured there as well to support holding tanks for specimens.

Mr. Ken Maddox obtained and installed a water pump and a rebuilt lower unit, and also cleaned and adjusted the carburetor. The students learned while they helped with the mechanical work.

Mr. Richard Rain, Sr., donated the anchor that the class is using.

The class now has one pontoon boat, one bird dog, and five canoes. They are presently looking for a 90 Hp outboard for the bird dog, which was donated by the University of Florida Marine Science Department, and reconditioned by last year's Marine Science students.

Having these boats provides Cedar Key's students a unique opportunity to study the saltmarsh ecosystem by actually getting out into it. Many schools study marine science in the classroom and from the shoreline, but our CKS students are taking one step further. Students are now able to study how the organisms of oyster bars, mudflats, grass beds, islands, and saltmarshes interact and affect each other. It will also be easier for the students to work with the Cedar Key Aquaculture Association, which has supported the program for several years with donations and clam seed. The class will also learn the maintenance, repair, and operation of boats and equipment related to them.

The class would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Healy for their donation, and everyone else who has supported their program.

Local Princess donates to "Locks of Love"

By Jessi Robinson

Local first grader, Holly Bishop, recently participated with the organization, "Locks of Love," by cutting off 10 inches of her hair, and donating it to children with cancer. When she started saying how nice it would be to have short hair, her mother, CKS middle school teacher, Kim Bishop, measured how much hair she had, and found that she only needed one more inch to reach the required ten inches for "Locks of Love."

Ms. Kim told Holly that if she waited a few more weeks, then she could give her hair to kids that are sick and didn't have any hair, so that they could "wear her hair like a wig and feel pretty." In the meantime, Holly and her mom started researching how the hair is used and the other requirements to donate.

The "Locks of Love" website, locksoflove.org , had pictures of kids that had no hair left due to cancer and their stories. It didn't register with Holly until they watched "Extreme Home Makeover" and there was a girl that had gone to Disneyworld and was wearing a wig. The interviews throughout the show had the little girl without any hair. The show always sends the family on a wonderful vacation and this particular family went to Disney, which shows the girl wearing a wig. Holly finally put the two together and told her mom that she wanted to give them her hair so that little girls could wear it to Disney too.

Holly and her family went to Disney a few weeks ago and then went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner where they had just hosted a party for a "Make a Wish" Foundation recipient. Joe's had a showing of pictures, from the party of different children with cancer, wearing wigs. Kim says that seeing those pictures, finally sold Holly in the idea of cutting her hair.

They made Holly's first ever in-salon appointment to get her hair cut. "She had commented on getting her hair cut before, but would never go through with it when the time came for the haircut," says Kim. Now, for the first time since she was about 6 months old, Holly has short hair. Her mom says, "Holly worried about being teased in her class, (being called a "boy," etc.), but even with short hair, she's still a princess! And now another lucky little girl will look like one too!" For more information about becoming a volunteer you can go to locksoflove.org .

Let George do it

In honor of George Washington, our first president, the first, second and third grade classes of Cedar Key School will present a special musical entitled "Let George Do It." The students have worked extremely hard on this production and have learned a great deal about the birth of our great country. They would love to share this fun, patriotic musical with the community. The show will begin at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 28, 2008, in the CKS auditorium.

It will feature solos, speaking parts, and a variety of musical styles, all of which blend together to tell about the "Father of our Country," George Washington. Come tonight to support the students and enjoy an interesting bit of our nation's history!

Fourth grade gives to St. Jude Hospital

By Caely Hibbits

St Jude Children's Research Hospital is non-sectarian, meaning they treat children no matter what their race or religion, or even their ability to pay. St. Jude is the only pediatric center where families never pay for treatments that are not covered by insurance, and if a family does not have insurance, they are never asked to pay. On an average day, the hospital spends $1,216,247, most of which is covered by public contributions. In the past three years, 85.1 percent of the money donated has gone directly to St. Jude's.

Every year, Cedar Key's fourth grade class has a math-a-thon where people in the community sponsor the students, and the fourth grader is paid for every math problem they get correct. This year, the test consisted of 250 math problems and the class collected $421.85 and sent it directly to St. Jude Children Research Hospital. The students seemed very interested in the project and spent time going from person to person getting sponsors.

FFA land

judging team captures

second place

Sarah Martin

Four Cedar Key FFA members participated \in the Tri-County Land Judging Contest, located north of Bell, on Friday, February 22.

Members were Mady Riley, Laia Gore, Tyler Anderson, and Sam Smith. Mady Riley, with 149 points, had the highest score on the team, followed by Laia Gore with 116 points, Tyler Anderson with 115 points, and Sam Smith with 48. Their scores were calculated by how well they judged the land and what would be best suited for it. In the contest, students judge four pits and evaluate the soil unit's characteristics, followed by recommendations.

After studying for two months, Cedar Key's FFA chapter took 2nd place out of teams from Levy, Dixie, Gilchrist, and Osceola Counties. The event was sponsored by Tri-County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Senior spotlight: Shawna Fenton

By Claire Brown and Jessi Robinson

Shawna Fenton is the daughter of Christine and Ken Daniel and Jerry Claytor. She has six sisters; Danette Fenton, Deana Anderson, and Melissa, Jessica, Melody, and Crystal Claytor.

Speech and drama were her favorite subjects in school because "they were different and gave me a chance to express myself." Shawna's favorite teacher was Ms. B.J. Arrington because, "she taught me more than just the stuff in the books."

Shawna's favorite food is salad and breadsticks from the Olive Garden. She calls "Drop Dead Fred" her favorite movie, and "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus her favorite song. Her favorite sports in which she participated were volleyball and softball, and her club of choice was Marine Science. After high school she plans to join the Navy

Senior spotlight: Addie Long

By Claire Brown

Adelaide Michelle Long, also called Addie, is the daughter of Mason and Jean-Marie Long. Addie has one sister, Crystal Thompson, and four brothers, Chris, Derek, and James Mason Long, and Brent Hughes.

Addie says her most liked subject in school is any science class, because, "I love Mr. Whitman!" When asked about her favorite teachers Addie replies, "I love all my teachers, but I think Ms. Patty Jett and Coach Paeth truly prepared me for the real world." Addie's most loved sports in which she participated are volleyball and track. As for clubs, Addie participated in SGA and FBLA.

Addie says her favorite food is sushi. As for her favorite movies, she enjoys "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind," "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," and "Haggard" over any other. Addie also really likes the band "Chimaira." "They pulled me on stage for my birthday!" she exclaims.

If you were to ask Addie about her most memorable moment from school, she would reply, "Being crowned 2008 Homecoming Queen or any day at lunch my senior year. Mathew Reichert and Jacob Couch are lucky I haven't spit my food out on them yet from laughing so hard!"

After high school, Addie plans to move to Gainesville to attend Santa Fe Community College for two years, and then transfer to a university to ultimately get her masters degree in nursing and become a nurse midwife.

CKS Tennis

By Lindsay Edmunds

Cedar Key School's tennis team lost to Union County by a score of 2-5 last Monday. Matt Reichert won his singles match on a tie breaker, 7-2. Matt also participated in a doubles match with Frankie Beckham and won by a score of 8-4.

Sharks Make Mustangs 'Bite The Dust!'

By Josh Berger

Zachary Anderson, Jacob Crosby, Evan Lyons, Aaron Esposito, Ian McNulty, Ryan Alford, Shawna Fenton, and Billy O'Dell started at the baseball game played on Feb. 19 against Meadowbrook. The game was ended after the fifth inning since Cedar Key had been up ten runs for an entire inning. The final score was 21-1. The game ball went to Shawna Fenton.

On Feb. 21, Cedar Key had their first home game against Shores. The final score was 9-1. Aaron Esposito made the run and Ryan Alford received a RBI, for hitting the ball on which Aaron scored.

Hernando Christian took home a win on Feb. 22 with a score of 15-4. It was the second home game and the Sharks defense was not up to par.

Come support the co-ed baseball team tonight, a home game.