Shark News

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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Freshmen receive mentors

By Jessi Robinson

This year's freshman class recently received their high school mentors. Each student received a survey on Monday that they were required to complete and turn in to their mentor.

Every mentor, chosen from the school faculty, must chose a student whom they are willing to support for the rest of the students' high school career. This includes remembering their birthday, and sending cards and words of encouragement their way when needed.

Based on personal questions such as birth dates, favorite foods and bands, as well as enjoyed pastimes, appropriate mentors were selected for each student.

When asked about mentor Tina Berger, sophomore Josh Lumley said, "Having a mentor has been, and I think, will continue to be, a fun and worthwhile experience. My mentor has been very valuable to my high school education."

Third grade field trip follow up

By Dylan Webster

Ms. DeAnne's third grade class went on a walking fieldtrip of their community on Friday Sept. 19. Ms. Pam Alexander led a tour explaining some of the history behind Cedar Key's historical buildings.

The students also visited the Andrews house with a tour led by Mr. George Sresovich, learning about the old railroad tracks and the fiber factory that produced much of the fiber to make brooms. Some students even saw articles about their grandparents and great grandparents.

After the tour the class had lunch at Anne's Other Place, on the way back to school students detoured to take a break at the City Park. The day was a lot of fun and students learned many new things about their community.

Seniors sell Shark t-shirts

By Sarah Martin

This year seniors are selling Shark T-shirts for $15.The shirts are black with purple and gold writing and they will be on sale until October 1st.

The money earned goes toward grad night which will be held at Walt Disney World and flowers for graduation.

There were also forms handed out to elementary and middle school students. To order a Shark T-shirt confront a senior or call 543-5223.

Soccer begins

By Josh Berger

Linda and Chris Reynolds are once again coaching another year of Shark soccer, though the Shark's soccer team is not a real school team. They will be competing in the C.A.A.A (Chiefland Area Athletic Association).

The team started practice Monday. This year is special because enough players have joined to have a yellow team and a purple team.

This makes practices much more efficient since we can scrimmage' says teammate Justin Esposito. The team ranges in age from 13 to 16.

SAC Meeting

By: Caely Hibbits

The first meeting of the 2008-2009 School Advisory Council was a very busy one. Ms. Sue Penny discussed the Elementary Playground and spoke about a dedication to the donors who made the playground possible for the Elementary students.

As always, ideas to keep parents involved were brought up, the safety of student drop offs, and the budget.

Some of the plans to keep students involved are providing materials for parents on the work their students are doing, this idea with others about parent involvement is in the 2008-2009 School Improvement Plan.

In the morning students have specific places to be dropped off, recently students have been using the teacher's parking lot and the school feels it is hazardous.

Another concern is keeping open wounds covered, the school nurse, Ms. Melinda will be inspecting to make sure that this is taken care of. The next SAC meeting will be held on October 20th, 2008.

Cedar Key SAG wins school a


The Levy County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce the winners of the ATV Safety Public Information and Education Program's county wide Middle and High School ATV Safety and Education competition. The program and competition were made possible by a grant funded by the Florida Department of Transportation. The program is designed to educate the public about safe, responsible and legal ATV operation and the school competition was focused on student's developing their own public information campaigns to educate their peers about ATV safety and operation. The two winning schools, Williston Middle School and Cedar Key School, will each receive a

40" Flat Panel HD LCD Television to be displayed in a commons area of the school. Williston High School, Bronson Middle High School, Chiefland High School, Chiefland Middle School and Summit Academy will each receive a 23" Flat Panel HD LCD Television as reward for their participation in the competition.

Impact Makes A Splash (With Color!)

By Zo Stuber

The first Impact Club meeting of the year will be held tomorrow, and the club is going into its second year. This year the club has decided to make personalized t-shirts to celebrate the first meeting, and the second anniversary. The shirts will be tie-dyed by hand and have "Impact Club" on the front and the member's name on the back. The shirts cost $3 dollars and may be purchased in advance from Mrs. Whitman.

The club was founded last year to prevent bullying in the high school, and quite literally to, "make an Impact." The club quickly became popular among the students. Because of its sudden popularity, some members were concerned that the message of Impact, bully prevention, was being neglected. This year, though, Impact has plans to rededicate their cause. Says Charmaine Whitman, sponsor of Impact, "We want to remind people what Impact Club is about. It's not just fun and games; we're trying to make a difference."

Senior Beta manages Impact Club and is responsible for the entertainment and organization of the meetings. The entertainment for the meetings is a joint effort; most members bring in a little something. This includes board games, Twister tournaments, and the popular video game Dance Dance Revolution. Snacks are offered, too, but because Senior Beta has to purchase the snacks for Impact Club, members are required to pay a dollar at the door.

Library Book Donation

By Taryn Epperson.

The School Library has been accepting hard cover books for donation, mainly Sunshine State Readers. If you ask Ms. Sue Penny she will tell you some of the books needed and if you just want to you can just donate money. All books new or old (as long as in good shape.)A accepted with thanks. All of the 6th-8th grade Sunshine State Readers is in inventory but most of the 3rd-5th grade Sunshine State Readers are not. A $100 has been donated but Ms. Sue Penny and Ms. Patty Jett have not decided which books to purchase with the money. If you have any questions or would like to donate please see Ms. Sue Penny.