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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Senior spotlight shines on Ian McNulty

By Claire Brown

Ian McNulty is one of this week's senior spotlights. Ian's family consists of his parents, Scott McNulty and Kathleen Walz, and his siblings, Christian, Athena, Jesaiah, Arin, and Orion McNulty.

His most liked school subject was drawing and painting in tenth grade with Mrs. BJ Arrington, because "we had so much fun in that class" says Ian. Ian's most memorable moment of high school was riding on the baseball bus, "what happens on the bus stays on the bus!" Ian claims his most liked teachers were, "Mr. Whitman, because his classes were first-hand experience, and Coach Paeth." Ian really enjoyed participating in baseball and Marine Science in high school.

Ian prefers the "Jack Daniels" burger from Fridays to any other food. His most liked song is "Alive" by Korn and he really likes the band Mudvayne. After high school, Ian plans to major in criminal justice.

Senior Spotlight Shines on Dustin Berger

By Jessi Robinson

Dustin Louis Berger is the son of Fred and Tina Berger, and the brother of Jacob Berger; of Seattle, WA, and Josh and Darrius Berger, of Cedar Key.

Dustin's preferred subject at Cedar Key School is math, because he loves numbers, which is taught by his favorite teacher Ms. Yvonne. Ms. Yvonne would like to say a few words to Dustin "Dustin, always wake up and enjoy each day, love, laugh, and keep learning something new!" While they were filling out the Senior Spotlight Form, Dustin's mom asked him what his most memorable moment from school was and he replied, "At Homecoming when I gave you flowers at halftime." After high school, Dustin plans on continuing school, studying cooking, and hopefully playing basketball.

Cheeseburgers are Dustin's most desired thing to munch on; and his choice of movie is "Cheaper by the Dozen 2." To Dustin, Hannah Montana, also known as Miley Cyrus, is the absolute "bomb." When asked to choose a favorite song of Hannah's, he couldn't, because he likes them all so much.

He's been a Cedar Key Junior Varsity Basketball player for three years, and it's still his favorite sport. Dustin will join his seventeen classmates walking down the aisle, for graduation, on Saturday, May 31.

Track and field Sharks set records

By Lindsay Edmunds

Cedar Key School's track team participated in the Crystal River Invitational meet on Feb. 29. Although CKS did not win the meet, they set many records, both for the school and for the meet.

Sam Beckham set a new school and meet record in pole vault when she placed first, vaulting 9'7". Sam also placed first in the 300-meter hurdle race with a time of 51.06 seconds, as well as second place in triple jump, with 29'6".

Kacey Miller placed first in the 800-meter race and achieved a new meet record in that event, with a time of 2:33. Kacey also tied the school record and the old meet record of 5'2", placing second in the Crystal River high jump event.

Caely Hibbits placed fifth in high jump, as well as triple jump. Her jump measured 4'6" in high jump, and 27'8" in triple jump, her personal best.

Deanna Littlefield participated in the 100-meter hurdles, and placed sixth, with a time of 21.4 seconds. She also placed sixth in the 300-meter hurdle race, with a time of 57.06 seconds. Deanna reached 6'0" in pole vault, her personal best thus far.

A new school record of 29'8" was established by Shawna Fenton in the shot put event.

Joshua Loyd tied the school record of 11 feet in pole vault, placing first in the event.

Justin Speegle placed fifth in triple jump, reaching his personal best of 36'.

FFA Goes To Seahorse

By Sarah Martin

Cedar Key's FFA chapter took a field trip out to Seahorse Key on Friday, Feb. 29. Jeffrey Williams, Area 2 State Vice President from Bell and Jessica Southard, Area 2 Sub District President from Bronson both visited Cedar Key for the day.

After catching a ride to Seahorse from Tidewater Tours, the first activity was for the students to climb the lighthouse four at a time. Later the chapter members and visitors walked through the graveyard. Jeffrey and Jessica held seminars in the lighthouse titled "Leaping Into Leadership" in honor of Leap Day. Members also participated in educational games related to the history of FFA, one of which, accordingly, was Leap Frog. For lunch, the chapter members had hot dogs, chips, and hydroponically grown strawberries harvested from the garden at Cedar Key School. After lunch, all chapter members took a tour of the Marine Science Lab, learning about some of the different creatures there. Says a Cedar Key FFA member, "At the end of the day, everyone had to head back towards the school, but they'll always remember their learning experience at Seahorse Key."

Let George Do It

DVDs of "Let George Do It," preformed by Cedar Key School's first, second and third graders, is available for five dollars.