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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Senior Spotlight on Jaclyn Stefani

By Justin Esposito

This week's Senior Spotlight shines on Jaclyn Elisa Nicole Stefani. Jaclyn's parents are Peter and Gina Stefani, and she has one brother, Pete Stefani. Jaclyn's favorite subject in school is pretty much anything science. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Whitman "because he makes everything interesting," says Jaclyn.

Her most memorable moment was "the Keys trip because we were able to relax and go snorkeling, fishing, and swimming in the freezing cold water!"

Her favorite food is Yonkey's and meat sauce. Her most liked song is "Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. Her preferred sport is softball and her favorite clubs are Marine Science and Senior Beta.

Jaclyn's plans after high school are to join the Air Force and become a Flight Nurse.

Senior spotlight on Thomas Sakelson

By Josh Berger

Thomas Sakelson is featured for this week's senior spotlight. His parents are Tom Sakelson and Liz Carter, his sister is Alysha King. After high school he plans to go to college and "study in computers."

His most memorable moment in school is when John and Richie burned down the smoker. The whole school laughed at them - aren't they supposed to be seniors! His most admired teacher is Mr. Whitman and his favorite subject is science. Favorite sport in which he participated in is basketball. Although he loves this sport he wishes that they could stop at a BBQ restaurant instead of fast-food on the way home because he loves BBQ ribs. The club most enjoyed throughout high school was marine science. Tom took a cocky side when asked his favorite subject and replied "Math because I'm good at it!"

The number one movie is "Blades of Glory." Tom's much loved band is "Inflames" and out of their many songs, "Hunters in the Sky" is, in his opinion, the best.

3rd Nine Weeks Honor Roll

First Grade

A Honor Roll:

Hannah Brinkman

Jolie Watson

A and B Honor Roll:

Kayla Beckham

Holly Bishop

Trace Epperson

Cassie Lozier

Gage Schuh-McNulty

Kent Sloan

Pete Stefani

Second Grade

A Honor Roll:

Cason Smith

Katy Stephenson

Dawlton Tilley

Tori Ward

A and B Honor Roll:

Mark Boivin

Terrence Doty

Annabel Lashley

Taylor Simpson

Olivia Webster

Joey Whitman

Tyler Wynans

Third Grade

A Honor Roll:

Ariel Alexander

Nathaniel Brinkman

Abby O'Steen

Sydney Parks

Emily Smith

Sarah Stephenson

Patrick Telgen

A and B Honor Roll:

Ashlyn Allen

Jesse Crawford

Taylor Fradella

Lizzy Mount

Samantha Sapp

Jacob Solano

Fourth Grade

A Honor Roll:

Joey Miller

Noah Webster

A and B Honor Roll:

Marissa Hand

Jasmine Kish

Daniel Allen

Fifth Grade

A Honor Roll:

Kira Telgen

A and B Honor Roll:

Heather Deaton

Taryn Epperson

John Fradella

Stephanie Hathcox

Ridley Reynolds

Gavan Smith

Sixth Grade

A Honor Roll:

Brooke Allen

Megan Stuber

A and B Honor Roll:

Tyler Anderson

Laia Gore

Andrea Linan

Devin Littlefield

Shea O'Steen

Tyler Rains

Samuel Smith

Seventh Grade

A Honor Roll:

Alicia Lambert

Sarah Martin

Jade Watson

A and B Honor Roll:

Joshua Berger

Adam Emig

Justin Esposito

Tiffany Loock

Camryn Lumley

Chloe Reynolds

Josh Sills

Haley Simpson

Eighth Grade

A and B Honor Roll:

Kate Barber

Claire Brown

Stevie Smith

A Honor Roll:

Savannah Beckham

Jenny Bierman

Jessi Robinson

Bianca Spraggs

Ninth Grade

A and B Honor Roll:

Caely Hibbits

Deanna Littlefield

Tenth Grade

A Honor Roll:

Hunter Cannon

A and B Honor Roll:

Naomi Brown

Sara Miller

Taylor Rains

Eleventh Grade

A and B Honor Roll:

Joseph Bishop

Michelle DiMaggio

Lindsay Edmunds

Terry Mosley

Jordan Watson

Twelfth Grade

A Honor Roll:

Ceciley Beirman

A and B Honor Roll:

Dustin Berger

Jaclyn Stefani

Bryan Villeda

Pie Auction Thursday

There will be a pie and dessert auction Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Cedar Key School Auditorium to raise money for the elementery school playground.