Shark News

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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Chicken Dinner Fund Raiser is a Tasty Success

By Lindsay Edmunds

The chicken dinner fund raiser was a tasty success, raising $1,465 in all. The fundraiser was pure profit for the playground and was made possible by the generosity of several local people. Mrs. Thelma McCain donated the chickens, and Mr. Kenny McCain smoked them. The brownies were donated by Ms. Kathy McCain, and the rolls were from the ladies in the CKS lunchroom. Thank you to all of those who bought the dinners and gave donations in support of the school!

Senior Spotlight: Kail Rivera

By Josh Berger and Justin Esposito

Kail Rivera shines in this week's senior spotlight. His parents are Lillian and Kyle Rivera and his siblings are Johnny and Zak Rivera, Sasha and Jared Blum, and Jessica Elizer.

Kail's plan after high school is to attend Santa Fe Community College. His favorite subject is "economics because it's easy for me," he says. His most treasured moment from his time in high school was "the day I knew this was my last year." Kail's favorite teacher is Mr. Brad.

Other favorites include his favorite food, chicken strips, and his favorite movie, "Once Were Warriors." His favorite band is Smashing Pumpkins, and his favorite song is "Sleep" by My Chemical Romance. His favorite sport is track and field.

Senior Spotlight: Justin Speegle

By Josh Berger and Justin Esposito

Justin Speegle, son of Cheryl Philabaum, shines in this week's Senior Spotlight. He has three brothers: Glen Richburg, Timothy Roszell, and Jeremy Philabaum.

After high school Justin plans to attend a two year community college and then transfer to a bigger college.

His favorite subject in school is economics, due to the fact that Mr. Brad Penney teaches it. Justin says that the way that Mr. Brad teaches makes it very easy for him to understand. Mr. Brad is also Justin's favorite teacher.

Throughout high school Justin has participated in basketball, cross country and track, though he says his favorite was basketball. He is a member of Student Government and has been a member for one year.

FFA Clam Harvesting

by Sarah Martin, FFA reporter

Last year Cedar Key Junior FFA planted 300,000 clams. Thursday, March 27 we traveled out on the water to give the clams a check. Pulling two bags up, they looked pretty healthy. We also planted 100,000 clams, purchasing 60,000 and getting 40,000 donated from Southern Cross.

Everyone lent a hand sorting the clams and collecting sea animals on the lease. A so-called "Dead Clam" means a creature has already gotten to the clam and has eaten its inside. You know this because the clam will be already open. When this happens you throw the "Dead Clam" overboard. A healthy clam will be tightly closed, unless you purge it.

The clams are about ready to harvest. A photographer accompanied the trip, taking pictures for "In the Field" magazine. Our FFA chapter will be highlighted in next month's magazine.

Joe Simpson helped in transportation, along with FFA advisor, Dennis Voyles. Our FFA clam project continues to be a great experience teaching us agricultural production, land and water stewardship and agricultural marketing. We are always appreciative of Ms. Leslie Sturmer for her help with our clam lease and Mr. Heath Davis for his help with production advice.