Shark News

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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Sharks' baseball season ends with close game

By Josh Berger

The season ended with a heartbreaker against Seven Rivers. The game went into an extra eighth inning and ended with the score at 7 to 6. Coach Joe said "it was the best game of the season." The game went back and forth, first with the Sharks ahead, then tied, until in the eighth inning. With the game knotted at 6-all, Cedar Key didn't score in the top half of the inning and the Warriors put up the go-ahead run for the win.

Second- and third-graders visited by pen pals

By Claire Brown

This past week second and third grade students at Cedar Key School were visited by their pen pals from Ocala and Chiefland.

Ms. DeAnne's third grade class has been pen pals with Dr. NH Jones Elementary school in Ocala for the past six years. The pen pal project that the third grade class participates in is called "communities in focus" and was a collaboration of ideas from third grade teacher, DeAnne Watson, and one of her good friends, Polly Werner. During this project students are asked to take pictures related to four categories: community, school, family, and a self-portrait. Then, they send a postcard that has their photo and a description of the photo on it to their pen pal. After receiving postcards from their pen pals, the students compare and contrast their community, school, family, and self. "The students love corresponding and seeing how even though Cedar Key and Ocala are a lot alike they are very different as well," said Ms. DeAnne about the pen pal project.

After a few months of conversing through the mail, the students finally get to meet each other! On Thursday, April 17, the third grade Ocala students got to come and meet their island pen pals. The two classes met up with each other in the school's auditorium. "This is the highlight of the project because most of the time you don't get to meet your pen pal," said Ms. DeAnne.

The student's first stop of the day was the High School Marine Science Lab, where Mr. Whitman and his students had different stations set up with all kinds of different sea creatures. Following, Ms. Pam Alexander, CKS Aide, gave the students a brief history of Cedar Key. After that, the students and teachers went to Sea Horse Key on the University of Florida Lab Boat with Mr. Henry Coulter and his crew.

Ms. DeAnne said she heard lots of positive comments from parents and teachers at NH Jones.

"The students had a great time!"

"It's the best field trip they had ever been on"

"It's amazing what a close-knit school you have and how enthusiastic the students are."

Ms. DeAnne and the Third Grade Class would like to give a huge thank you to Ms. Pam Alexander, Ms. Tina Berger, Mr. Whitman and his class, and Mr. Henry and his crew.

As for second grade, their class has been corresponding all year with their pen pals at Cheifland Elementary School.

This is the fourth year that Cedar Key second graders have been pen pals with Ms. Becky Pitts' class at CES. The students write letters, postcards, and other correspondence throughout the year, similar to the third graders pen pal project, and then finally get to meet each other in the spring. Ms. Pitts' class came to CKS on Friday, April 18.

They started the day with a meet and greet followed by a history lesson on Cedar Key from Ms. Pam Alexander. The group then split up with half of the pals going to Joe Rains Beach to watch Marine Science students pull in sea animals with the seine net, while the other half toured stations in the Marine Science lab and learned about various sea animals from high school students.

"The students were fascinated with the animals and the facts they learned," says second grade teacher Kamala Reidy.

After completing both activities, the groups joined for a walking field trip to Ann's Other Place for lunch. After lunch, they played at "Shark Park" and made animal crayon rubbings until it was time to leave. "The pals from Cheifland really enjoyed the sights, taste, and sounds of Cedar Key. It was a beautiful and fun day on the island" comments Ms. Kamala.

Ms. Kamala and the second grade class would like to thank Mr. Whitman and his Marine Science Students, Mrs. Pam, and Ms. Tina for their help in making the day a success. The second graders will have a chance to see their pen pals again on May second, when they travel to CES for the day.

School back in session after spring break

By Jessi Robinson

You could just hear the excitement in the air as students caught up with one another on Monday, April 14, after being out of school for a week, as they exchanged stories about their experiences. It seemed like St. Augustine, Florida, was the most visited destination spot for our local elementary students. But, three trips, chosen out of many other fascinating ones from our CKS students, stood out.

Cedar Key School fifth grader Jacquelyn Slaughter got the chance to travel practically the whole south. Inching up from Florida, she and her family's starting point, to Georgia, where they drove through to Tennessee. There they "well, just had a lot of fun," next on to South Carolina, where they drove up to the home of the Tar Heels, North Carolina, and they got to visit family. Afterwards, when Jacquelyn and her family finally reached Virginia, their final destination point, they "had a ball." "We got to go to Jamestown and Williamsburg, and it was fun." When asked to sum it all up, Jacquelyn said that it was "one of the best spring breaks of my life!"

Sixth grader Megan Stuber, along with her mom and sister, CKS freshman, Zo Stuber, went to the Dominican Republic. Megan says, "Even though we got to go horseback riding, and waterfall climbing, my favorite part of our trip was when we all went scuba diving."

In high school, senior Christina Collins went to Panama City Beach over spring break, and was happy to share her experience. She says, "I went shopping, canoeing, swimming, and we played around on go karts. But the best part of my whole trip was getting to see and visit with my cousins, and my aunt and uncle."

Senior Beta Week

By Lindsay Edmunds

Three new members were inducted into the Senior Beta Club at Cedar Key School. In order to join the club, students must have a 3.5 overall grade point average (GPA), and exhibit good behavior. The students that met these qualifications are three CKS freshmen: Caely Hibbits, Zo Stuber, and Deanna Littlefield.

The whole week was lined up with Beta activities and fundraisers. On Monday, the new recruits cleaned up the amphitheater and refurbished the sitting area next to the amphitheater that is near the playground.

Tuesday afternoon, the new members were officially inducted into the club, and Wednesday was designated "Hat Day" at CKS. Students could pay one dollar for the privilege of wearing their hat all day, even during class.

Thursday, there was an Ice Cream Social, and on Friday, new Senior Beta members, in addition to the previously inducted members, plan to wear their new Beta Club shirts to show their Beta pride.

The money collected throughout the week will help pay for the plants used in the amphitheater, as well as provide money for Beta Club scholarships. If there is money left over, the club members plan to donate it to the elementary playground fundraiser.

Mike Allen-Featured Artist in the School

By Lindsay Edmunds

Thanks to the Arts in Education grant, the students at Cedar Key School have the opportunity for local artists to visit CKS. Local guitar player, Mike Allen, came to the school and performed three different programs: one performance for middle school and high school, and two different performances for the elementary school, which was divided into two different age groups.

Throughout his presentation, Mr. Mike talked to the students about how he had first started to play the guitar when he was twelve, but put the guitar aside for a few years, and has recently picked it back up. Since Mr. Mike is a self-taught guitar player, he told the students about the importance of sticking with it, and trying to improve your skills everyday.

The Arts in Education grant gave $9,000 to Cedar Key School. The School Board of Levy County matched that grant, giving CKS a total of $18,000 for the Artists in the Schools program. The grant has to be rewritten and defended every year.

Mike Allen is one of the numerous talented artists that the Arts in Education grant gives the students at CKS a chance to meet. Throughout the rest of the year, several more artists are lined up to come to CKS, and the community is invited to these events.

On May 19, the All County Band will be performing for the students. Pamela Henn, an author and former twenty year Walt Disney Feature Animation artist, plans to come visit CKS and hold an assembly on May 22.

If you would like to show your support of this grant and what it has provided for the students at Cedar Key School, you may write a letter of appreciation to the Arts in Education Grant Committee at the Division of Cultural Affairs, R.A. Gray Building, 3rd Floor, 500 South Bronough Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250.

Nick Jans is featured writer in middle and high school Young Authors' Conference

By Caely Hibbits

While elementary students have participated in the young authors' conference for 19 years, this is the the first time the high school and middle school have done so. The visiting writer was Nick Jans, author and photographer. He gave a presentation to the entire middle and high school, showing pictures and describing the life in Alaska. Nick Jans began his career as a hunting guide but had a change of heart and decided to write about the animals he saw and later, take pictures. He has published many books including: The Last Light Breaking, A Place Beyond, and The Grizzly Maze.

Nick Jans grew up with a love for sports. He played basketball and football, ran the quarter-mile, and was recruited for the Olympic rowing team but didn't make it. He later coached basketball and taught school. After his presentation, he went to the high-school and answered any questions that the students might have had and was very open about his life. The next day, he did the same with the middle school. To all the students present at the workshops he handed out cards with a picture he had taken. "Jans was a very carefree person and enjoyed every minute of life" said a ninth grader. "He was the best speaker this school has had in awhile.

The young authors' conference for middle and high school students hopes to continue and be as much of a success as it was this year.

Island City Young Authors' Conference is Tomorrow for K-5

The annual Young Authors' Conference will take place tomorrow morning, April 25th.

K-5 students will share their published works during the Authors' Chair. Our featured guest artists include author and illustrator, Rebekah Raye and storyteller Kaye Byrnes.

The conference will include a book sale sponsored by Barnes and Noble.

Rebekah Raye will be visiting from Maine. Her published books include, Thanks to the Animals and The Very Best Bed. She was recognized at Society of Illustrators in 2005 and was nominated for the Maine Chickadee Award in 2006. Raye believes every student can be an artist. She plans to engage students in the process she follows by sharing her illustrations and inviting the students to create their own sketches.

Kaye Byrnes has been sharing stories since 1996. After a successful career in corporate America she decided to begin storytelling. Byrnes holds a bachelors of Arts degree in Fine Arts in Theater from the University of Wisconsin. She uses her art to entertain and educate. She says storytelling "speaks to the imagination and heart of young and old


Parents and community members are invited to attend.