Shark News

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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Cedar Key goes virtual

By Josh Berger

As most of you know Cedar Key was recently visited by Rebekah Ray and Kaye Brynes for the young author's conference but this year there was a twist. Polly Werner from Florida Virtual Schools was here to set up a live feed so Florida virtual students could see and interact with the authors along with Cedar Key students.

I had the privilege of talking to Werner about the experience. I learned that she is a public affairs liaison for the Florida virtual school. Her job is to act as a "go between" for the students and schools that use Florida virtual school. She travels 3 to 4 days a week visiting a fourth of the state. She choose this project for her school because as she put it, "Cedar Key is a terrific school and is my own high school alma mater. Go sharks!"

Werner set up in the auditorium equipped with a Mac Book, a video camera and microphone and an online program called Elluminate to broadcast the event. Unfortunately the video camera did not function as expected so she relied on the laptop which had a camera and microphone. As expected, the project had technical problems: in this case the sound wasn't be high enough or the picture didn't come in too great.

All in all it was a successful event with 55 students showing up for the presentation. The Florida virtual students enjoyed interacting with a famous author. They were allowed to ask questions and interact along with Cedar Key fifth graders making it a learning experience for all.

Florida Virtual School (http://www.flvs.net http://www.flvs.net/) students take one or two courses which is free for Florida students up to the age of 19, taking these courses to earn better grades, accelerate graduation or take courses not offered at their home school.

ATV safety presentation from SGA

By Lindsay Edmunds

Members of Cedar Key School's Student Government (SGA) recently presented information to their peers regarding ATV safety. This presentation was prompted by the Ride Safe-Ride Smart program with the Levy County ATV Safety Public Information and Education Program.

The Levy County Sheriffs office launched an outreach competition for middle and high school students in order to raise awareness of ATV safety. Each school in Levy County was given the opportunity to participate in this competition. The students could create any type of campaign, but they had to be solely "student lead, organized and initiated." The students in SGA at CKS chose to form their campaign around a fun and informational presentation.

Through this campaign, about 200 students at Cedar Key School were reached, whether through the presentation or by way of the brochures the students in SGA produced and distributed among the student body.

The presentation covered a variety of issues surrounding ATV safety, including statistics of deaths from ATV accidents, and the student body of CKS was made aware of many useful facts and figures regarding ATVs. For example, there were 349 reported deaths between the years of 1982 and 2006, 145 of which were in a three year span from 2003 to 2006.

During the presentation, students also learned the laws and regulations of operating an ATV. For instance, all ATVs operated on public land must be titled, and all riders under 16 years old must wear a helmet and eye protection at all times. Students were taught by the SGA members that while riding an ATV, they must always stay off of paved roads, as well as unpaved roads, and never carry a passenger on a single rider ATV.

The play's a hit

The final production of the Cedar Key High School drama class occurred last Thursday, during school. The drama class staged a contemporary, modernized version of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The whole school attended, along with parents and other relatives of the actors and actresses. The play was recorded and copies of the DVD can be bought for $5.00.

Working with the high school's art class, the set was produced and included a city scene with buildings, brick walls, and columns, and an enchanted forest scene with glittery trees and a star-filled back drop. The school's mascot costume was even put to use. The shark head was transformed into a donkey head, incorporated into the costume of Jacob Crosby.

Says an audience member, "The play was fantastic, it was so ...dramatic!"

David Williams, who played the Duke of Athens, had this to say; "The play was a great learning experience for us all. Even Mrs. April was new to it, and she turned out to be a great director, and the many actors and actresses did a good job as well."

Field Day 2008

By Caely Hibbits

Coach Aaron Haldeman held the annual Field Day on Tuesday May 20, 2008. All Elementary students played games, ran races, and many other events.

"In the end it was also worth it to see the smiles on the kids' faces." says Zach Anderson.

The HOPE class is helping the students with these tasks and depending on how the Elementary students "grade" them is their grade for the final exam. As usual, tee shirts were provided for the students who participated in the events, to the students who helped Coach Aaron run field day, and all faculty and staff.

Pre-kindergarten goes on a trip to the marine lab

By Josh Berger

The pre-kindergarten class took a field trip to the marine science lab, on Friday, May 9.

They walked with their clip boards and crayons in hand so they could draw what they saw.

Some of their most enjoyable moments were when they saw a crab eat a fish and getting photos with the shark jaws over their face.

Ms. Kathy was hoping "to get hands-on science experience and to see some interesting things" the people who helped organize this trip were Mr. Whitman and his marine science class and members of the Marine Science club.

Middle school reward trip

By Claire Brown

On Friday May 23, the Cedar Key Middle School students who have exhibited outstanding behavior will be rewarded with a field trip.

The requirements they must meet to be invited on this trip are no detentions and no school suspensions due to behavior for this school year.

The trip this year will be to Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta Georgia.

The students are to arrive at the school at 7 a.m. and will be arriving at the park around 10 a.m.

Their going to leave the park around 7 p.m. and are planning to arrive home around 10 p.m.