Shark News

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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Future Florida Educators Induct New Members

By Lindsay Edmunds

Members of Cedar Key School's Future Florida Educators of America (FFEA) club warmly welcomed new members in their induction recently. After reading their oaths, new members listened to a motivational speech by Coach Mark Jackson, the new physical education teacher at CKS.

New members include tenth grader Amber White, ninth grader Brittany Colson, and senior Jacob Crosby. FFEA officers elected for the 2008-2009 school year are: Jordan Watson as president, Joseph Bishop as vice president, Lacy Coulter as secretary, and Caely Hibbits as treasurer.

FFEA is a club designed for students who have an interest in pursuing a career in teaching. The club helps reveal to students the different career opportunities available in the teaching field.

Beware the Yeti

By Caely Hibbits

Varsity Cross Country runners trekked to Walt Disney World, last weekend, for an Expedition Everest Challenge. The runners got into teams of two with names, Zoe Stuber and Caely Hibbits were the SmartBlondes93, Aaron Esposito and Frankie Beckham titled themselves Inch by Inch, Joesph Bishop and Evan Lyons were called Blitzkrieg, Jacob Crosby and Josh Loyd were the Sky Pilots. Coach Brad and his daughter also participated in the challenge, as the Penny Paduans. The challenge started with a 5K race, and then the participants had to complete an obstacle course. Partners were able to help the members of their team on the obstacle course. The obstacle course had five foot tall hurdles, a 'hill' of rope to climb, a balance beam four feet off the ground, and last crawling under a net. After the obstacle course was complete the competors received a passport with clues and riddles to solve inside of Animal Kingdom. Once the four clues were solved the challenge was done and medals were handed out.

The following day the cross country runners went to Epcot and rode rides. The runners all said they had a wonderful time and for some of them it was their first time in Walt Disney World.

Teen Trendsetters

By Claire Brown

Teen Trendsetters, is a program that pairs a high school student up with a third grade student as a 'reading mentor' where they will read together one afternoon every week. The purpose of the program is to improve the children's reading skills focusing on third grade which is the first year in which they take the state-wide FCAT reading test.

Each High School student receives a Teen Trendsetters backpack at the beginning of the program which includes a Scholastic magazine for the child and a teacher version for the high school student. Other items include a megaphone that the child can read into, stickers, crayons, small toys, highlighters, several various picture and chapter books (some of which can be tested on for AR points), a dry erase board, and dry erase markers.

On the day of their reading session both students meet in Ms. DeAnne Watson's third grade classroom and choose a place on the school campus to read. They begin the meeting by looking at what they will be reading that day, and teens will ask their students a variety of questions related to reading (What do you think this story will be about? Can you make any predictions based on the picture?). Then they read the educational

cle together out of the scholastics magazine.

When they finish the article the child will answer multiple choice questions in the magazine, and also questions that are asked by their reading mentor. If there is any time left the students will read one of the other books provided together until 3:15, which is when the program ends.

Get Tattooed!

By Jessi Robinson and Jacob Berger

Show Shark spirit with washable tattoos that feature the words, 'Cedar Key Sharks,' in purple and gold, around our shark mascot! The tattoos are fifty cents each and will be sold at Volleyball and Basketball games, as well as this year's annual fall festival.

To purchase a shark tattoos, see any journalism student, as well as Ms. Carmen, Ms. Tina, or Ms. Lisa.

The 2008-2009 journalism class decided to sell these tattoos to raise money for their March trip to the Herff- Jones Yearbook printing plant in Charlotte, North Carolina. The profits will help enable the class to visit the plant to check out of the all of the new and improved technology that will be used for this year's yearbook. The plant is also where the brand new high speed 4 color printing presses are that will print the school's full color yearbooks.

Red Ribbon Week

By Dylan Webster

Red Ribbon Week, an anti-drug event, will be kicking off Oct. 18th and will end on the 26th.This years Red Ribbon Week theme will be "I elect to be drug free."

There will be three contests categories art, writing, and video. Submissions will entered by Thursday Nov. 6. Each school may only submit one first place winner from each category. All entries must have the contestants name, age, address, teacher's name and school on the back or attached. Funding will be provided by the proceeds from the Mile of Quarter competition.

More information on contests and deadlines will be available as the competition nears.

Open Gym

By Josh Berger

Coach Mark Jackson is keeping the Open Gym legacy alive. The gym is open everyday for middle through high school to come and practice for basketball. Some days are workout days when they go into the weight room and lift.

Students must have consent forms from parents or guardian in order for them to participate. It is open from 3 to 5, and will end once basketball season starts.