Shark News

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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Upcoming Dates!

By Jessi Robinson

Today, Oct. 9 - XC CKS invitational at 4:30.

Monday, Oct. 13-17 - Thinklink Testing

Monday, Oct. 13 - Columbus Day and FCAT Reading Retakes

Tuesday, Oct. 14 - FCAT Math Retakes as well as Picture Retakes. Be sure to bring in most recent school pictures to be able to have retakes.

Wednesday, Oct. 15 - Middle School FFA trip, PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)

Thursday, October 16th- FCAT Retake Make-ups, PTO meeting at 6 o'clock, XC Levy County meet at Williston 4:30.

Friday, October 17th- Home Volleyball game vs. Meadowbrook, JV-5, V-6.

Second grade celebrates apples!

By Claire Brown

The second graders at Cedar Key School had their "Apple Day" celebration Friday, Sept. 26 in Ms. Kamala's classroom. The students participated in several different apple-related activities. They all had the opportunity to taste four different types of apples and graph their favorites. The winner was the "Granny Smith." with "Golden Delicious" a close second. The students were also taught the recipe for homemade apple sauce.

The party was kicked off with a play about Johnny Appleseed based on the book by Stephen Kellogg. The students dressed up and performed the play for parents and other students. "They did a fantastic job as they brought Johnny Appleseed to life," says second grade teacher, Kamala Reidy.

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed apple slices with caramel dip or peanut butter, homemade apple sauce, apple pie, apple salad, apple jelly sandwiches, apple pizza, and apple juice.

Ms. Kamala says "I would like to thank my students for their hard work and enthusiasm, Ms. Pam Alexander for the terrific costumes, Ms. Tina Berger for video-taping, Ms. DeAnne for taking pictures, and all of the parents who provided the delicious apple treats. It was a very special day for all!"

Sharks Shred Turf in Chiefland

By Alicia Lambert

Both Cedar Shoal Tiger Shark soccer teams played in Chiefland. This year we had too many players to fit on one team, so they were split up into the Lemon team and the Purple team.

The Lemon team played first, but even though they tried, they were defeated with a score of 4-2, with both points scored by Austin Pope.

Then after the Lemons, the Purple team played. After a long battle, they were also defeated, with a score of 7-2.

Joshua Berger and Jade Watson scored the two goals.


newspapers for papier mache

By Taryn Epperson

First Grade students at Cedar Key School are making papier mache drums. They are using nothing but coffee cans and recycled materials to create the drums. The students started the project at the beginning of October.

Ms. Deborah Manasala, the art teacher, stated, "It is a great hands-on activity that is three dimensional. The students have to use their imagination and problem solving skills to come up with how to make something with only the tools and materials we have available." The students will spend one hour a week in art class working on the project, and it will take them approximately three weeks to complete.

As for the other elementary classes, the second grade class may also take part in this project if there are enough materials to work with, fourth grade will be making "Florida Animals" from recycled jugs, cardboard, and papier mache, and the fifth grade class will be continuing their project of "radical weaving."

The middle school art wheel students may do papier mache as well.