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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Parents aren't the only ones Christmas shopping this season!

By Claire Brown

Cedar Key Elementary students are getting into the holiday spirit, too, by picking up gifts for Mom and Dad.

On Wednesday, Jan. 19, the Eagles Club made a visit to Cedar Key School's auditorium with lots of goodies that children could purchase for their parents for Christmas.

All presents were priced at just 25 cents each.

Kindergartener Luke Reidy said, "I got my dad a keychain and my mom some towels that had a Christmas tree on them."

It is a neat tradition the Eagles provide for the young shoppers who otherwise have problems secretly getting and wrapping a gift for loved ones.

Sharks chomp Meadowbrook Mustangs

By Jessi Robinson

The Cedar Key varsity boys' basketball team played their last game before Christmas break, this past Tuesday, Dec. 18.

David Bishop, the leading scorer of the night, successfully made six three-pointers, two two-pointers, and three free throws, scoring a total of 25 points. Next was Joseph Bishop with four two-pointers and one three-pointer, coming out with the personal score of 11 points.

Following both of the Bishop boys with top scores were both Tom Sakelson and Richie Rain with four baskets each; and Justin Speegle with two baskets and three free throws. If you were at the gym Tuesday night, you would have noticed that team's motto for the night was "Offense= Talent and Skill" and "Defense= Heart and Effort."

With a final winning score of 59-51, Coach Aaron Haldeman said, "I was really pleased with the defensive effort. We haven't been doing that a lot lately, but tonight we let our defense dictate our offense."