Serving our country: Philabaum is Maintenance Professional of the Month

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By The Staff

Cedar Key native Jeremy Philabaum has been commended by his superiors for his excellent performance on duty.

Aviation Structural Mechanic (Safety Equipment) Third Class Petty Officer (AME3) Jeremy Philabaum, grandson of Cheryl Philabaum, of Cedar Key, has been awarded the "Maintenance Professional of the Month" Award for the exceptional efforts and performance of his duties.

AME3 Philabaum is currently in the middle of a six month, multi-site, deployment with Patrol Squadron (VP) Four-Six and Maintenance Detachment Team Alpha (MDT-A) in the Persian Gulf region.

His job requires him to maintain or replace a number of safety and critical to life systems onboard the P-3C Orion. These systems include but are not limited to the pressurization system, the oxygen system, life-rafts, seat harnesses, and fire fighting equipment.

AME3 Philabaum's dedication, enthusiasm, and attention to detail have set him apart from a team that is already performing at an exceptional level.

His accomplishment is even more admirable considering the extremely harsh desert conditions and minimal support available at his remote detachment site.

The mission AME3 Philabaum fulfills has a direct effect on the success or failure of any number of operations VP-46 conducts in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

As difficult of a challenge it is with which he has been tasked, AME3 Philabaum has taken the opportunity to excel and prove his caliber.

AME3 Philabaum is a 2005 graduate of Cedar Key High School.