School’s out, fishin’s on, dad’s in hot seat

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By Danny Allen

 Well everyone, school’s out. Teacher let the Captain’s fishing buddies out. 

Due to busy fishing weekends and baseball games, it had been quite some time since I had the chance to take the boys fishing. We had a good day. Plan A was to go catch some bait — small mullet and pinfish — then head out to see if the tarpon was grouped up. After around a hour of looking, my son Dillan was half asleep on the bow of the boat with a Dr. Pepper in his hand. He was in a serious relaxed state of mind. The other two boys were giving up the “whole watch the surface for fish” detail. So I decided to bail on the big fish idea. 

I had a good spot that’s popping oversized redfish on a falling tide. I got all three boys’ attention when I asked if they were ready to catch a big redfish. That’s exactly what we did, after about one and a half hours we boated five too big to keep and one 25-inch keeper. We also broke off three times unable to turn big’uns. Li’l Dillan boated the first and second biggest with a 36-inch and 32-inch. Tyler had a 28-inch and Dan Jr. got the only keeper — no big’uns. His story was if we were fishing a tournament y’all wouldn’t help dad at all. But me, I helped due to the fact ya’ can’t weigh in oversized reds. He had a good point.

We caught all the reds on mullet free-lined on the bottom, using 7-foot rods and light tackle reels. We had 10 pound braided line with 30 pound fluorocarbon leaders, strapped to a circle hook. It’s big fun and pretty easy to do, all ya’ gotta do is have a spot holding redfish. That’s where I come in to play. 

All three boys asked me “Hey dad, why are you the captain and we are the only ones that caught fish?” Ha ha ha. No respect from that crew. After I explained how I was fixing tangles re-tying broke lines and placing baits in the water in the right spots, then fishing off the back, well, all I got was smiles. 

That’s when I caught the biggest “fish” of the day. I also got some reports that the trout bite had improved some over the week. Seemed like maybe the mad rush from the heat may be slowing some. They will school back up once they find comfortable temps. 

That’s all I have C y’all on the salt.

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.