Savings from a day's furlough

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By Lou Elliott Jones

 The Levy County Commission is discussing using furloughs to cut its costs, rather than layoffs, to meet its budget in the coming year. To that end, Jared Blanton, a finance clerk, drew up the approximate savings.

But, there are some assumptions in the math:

1) This does not include the constitutional officers and county commissioners who until recently could not lower their pay. The state Legislature passed legislation that was signed by Gov. Rick Scott in May to allow them to do so. The five commissioners each earn $33,976 annually.

2) The 20 days (10 work days times two pay periods) is only a general guide and does not factor adjustments for overtime or employees on call. EMS response personnel are not included.

3) Salaried employees were not exempted from this calculation. Obviously some other (legal) method of reducing pay, on a basis other than an hourly one, would have to be reached for those employees.

3) Most Road Department employees would average 16 days instead of 20 in the month, but this sheet assumes only 8 hour increments would be used in the interest of fairness to Road Department employees.

• Workers paid from 

General Revenue Fund$10,640.67

• Road Department$7,774.14

• Transit: $2,297.46

• Emergency Manag.:   $507.22

• Fire: $ 214.88

• Tourism: $ 239.33

• Utilities: $ 121.23

• Landfill: $  2,155.99

• Total: $23,950.92

What they earn:

• Clerk of Court, Property Appraiser, Tax Collector:                  $100,091

• Supervisor of Elec.:   $83,004

• Sheriff                           $108,687

• County commissioner     $39,976

• School Superintendent    $100,091

• School Board members   $26,491

• State Attorney                $150,077

• County Judge                 $134,280

• Circuit Judge                  $142,178

• State Legislators:            $31,932

All are entitled to retirement, life insurance, worker's compensation and health care benefits.

* Source: "Salaries of Elected County Constitutional Officers and School District Officials for Fiscal Year 2010-2011," Florida Legislature Office of Economic and Demographic Research