Save our schools, support our students, make education a priority

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By The Staff

I want to begin with an invitation:

You are cordially invited to attend a free rally in support of public education. The rally will take place on Saturday, February 28 at 11:00am in Orlando in the UCF arena. Come and be a part of history while sending a strong message to our elected officials: Save Our Schools, Support Our Students, and Make Education a Priority.

It is time for those of us that love and support public education to take a stand. We have sat back long enough while politicians, whose knowledge of a classroom is they were in one twenty, thirty, forty or more years ago, make the decisions on what our students need today! This is absurd at the least and immoral at the most!

Professional educators are often their own worst enemy. Their resourcefulness and passion for education often requires them to take impossible situations and turn them into success stories. Everyone has limits and those of us that are Public Education Servants have gone well beyond. We only want what state law requires, public schools are to be adequately funded by the state. This is a fundamental right of our students and a paramount duty of our elected officials.

Now is the time for accountability. We call on you guys in Tallahassee who are required to do the right thing to just do it! Our future and our student’s future can no longer be put on hold.

Join us and others statewide, become a part of history. February 28th 11:00 AM at the UCF Arena, Orlando, be there! Help Save Our Schools and Our Student’s Future depend on you!

For more information email at lcea@bellsouth.net or visit


Cindy Roach

President Levy County Education Association