RV resort gets what it needs: swimming pool

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By Lou Elliott Jones

If you're going to have an RV resort, you need to have a swimming pool, too.
“It makes sense to me,” said Levy County Commissioner John Meeks of Bronson (R-District 1) of a request by a Cedar Key RV park to build a 12-by-31-foot pool on the 10.17 acre facility.
Angler's Campground, formerly Rainbow Campground, on State Road 24 at Southwest Shiloh Road, made the request because the permit that allowed the RV resort's construction is a special exception in a C-2 commercial zoning.
The commission agreed with Meeks and voted unanimously to approve the request.
The resort has 62 slots for RVs, a single family home for the owners Paul and Natalie Westling, a store, pole barn, shed, handicapped access bathrooms and a small game room.
The pool will be located next door to the Westling's homes, between the residence and the store.
Because the business is located in a flood zone the pool will have a 36-inch retaining wall to raise it to sea level, and for handicapped access, it will have a 41-foot long and 36-inch wide wheelchair ramp with a landing and screen door at the pool entrance.