Returning to the polls or a first time voter - come prepared

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Florida law requires photo and signature ID in order to vote. Examples of acceptable photo and signature identification: 

n Florida Drivers License 

n Florida ID 

n Passport 

n Military ID 

n Student ID

n Debit/Credit Card

n Retirement Center ID

n Neighborhood Association ID

n Public Assistance ID


First-Time Voters who Register by Mail

Special identification requirements apply if you register by mail and you are a first-time voter in the State and you have not been issued a Florida driver license number, Florida identification number, or a Social Security number. Instead, you must provide one of the following forms of identification in order to register if it contains your name and photograph:

n United States passport

n Debit or credit card

n Military identification

n Student identification, 

n Retirement center identification, 

n Neighborhood association identification, or

n Public assistance Identification.

Or you can provide instead a copy of a current and valid utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document containing your name and current residence address. Do not send original identification documents to the Supervisor of Elections. To avoid any potential problems when you go to vote, it is best that you submit a copy of the required identification with your voter registration form. If you wait until you go to the polls to vote, you have to provide a photo and signature ID before you can vote a regular ballot. If you wait until later and vote absentee, you must provide a copy of the identification with your absentee ballot or your ballot will not count.

If you vote absentee and fall into one of the following categories, you do not have to satisfy these special identification requirements, provided you swear or affirm under penalty of oath on your ballot certificate that you are exempt:

Are 65 years of age or older. Have a temporary or permanent physical disability. Are a member of the uniformed services on active duty or a spouse or dependent, thereof, who, by reason of such active duty, is absent from the county on Election Day. Are a member of the Merchant Marine or a spouse or dependent thereof, who, by reason of service in the Merchant Marine, is absent from the county on Election Day. Are residing outside the United States but are eligible to vote in Florida.