Request for water denied by Water Board

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Attorney will look into expanding service

By Ada Lang

A request for services by Dennis and Roberta Andrews of 10650 S.W. State Road 24, just over the No. 4 bridge leaving Cedar Key, was denied by the Cedar Key Water and Sewer District Monday night.
Although the item was not on the agenda, Ronnie Taylor presented the request for a water meter to service the home, since a new line will
be running across the driveway in roughly one year.
Taylor stated that the Andrews are elderly, in poor health
and currently must carry water up to their home for cooking
and drinking, however they do use the well water for toilets
and bathing despite the brackish quality.
Board Attorney John McPherson said, “the District’s
charter only allows service within the district” and “the one
exception is to properties who were receiving service prior to
adoption of the charter in 1998”.
Any changes to the district’s service area must be
approved by the state Legislature, he said. Any legislative
consideration could open up to further expansion because of
lobbying by adjacent property owners.
Board Member Thelma McCain stated that Andrews
turned down a meter when the Water District was re-drawn
in the late '90s despite her suggestions that he have one
installed at that time.
James McCain suggested that the line go in as planned. If
the property is added to the District, they can add the meter.
The board concurred and the attorney was instructed to look
into the expansion matter.

“His washing
machine just didn’t
know how to act.”
James McCain

Five residents of the District requested that their water
bills be adjusted down and all were given a reprieve from
bills that ran as high as $1,147.71. The reasons for the skyhigh
bills ranged from vandalism to underground leaks.
Cedar Key Community Development Director Greg Lang
presented an update on the Phase ll Streets and Utilities work
which is mostly on schedule and on budget. To date, the disruption
has been minimal but the sewer work will require
trenching down the middle of roads. The Whiddon Avenue
repair work, will occur during the Christmas break, to minimize
disruption at the school and traffic problems.
Lang then donned leather gloves to show the board the
condition of some of the pipes that are being replaced. They
date back approximately 80 years and the service lines are so
coated in minerals that the water flow is reduced about 50%.

James McCain said one customer said
that since the supply line has been replaced
the water pressure has increased, “His washing
machine just didn’t know how to act,"
James McCain said. Thelma McCain commented
that hers was in for a shock, too.
In other business:
• Final reading of a $1,180,000 bond to
upgrade the water portion of the water and
sewer system was approved. It will be
repaid with revenues from the system.
• Modification of meter installation and
leak detection fees were discussed, as well
as the draft interlocal agreement between the
District and City Hall to use reclaimed water
for irrigation and toilets at the City Hall
Complex, as well as, City Park.

Dealing with foul water
Several customers have complained about discolored water during work on the water systems. The district is advising customers that when this occurs they read meter, let the water run until clear and read the meter again. Then notify the District office at 543-5285 for
an adjustment on their next month's bill. It should not be more than 100 gallons.