Repairs to No. 4 bridge to begin

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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is scheduled to begin a project on State Road 24 to repair and protect the Number 4 Bridge (Havens Creek), two miles north of Cedar Key this week.
The project calls for cleaning and inspecting all 18 bridge supports and repairing any areas where the concrete is damaged. Cathodic protection will also be added to the concrete foundations.
Cathodic protection is a form of corrosion control that is used on bridges. The process sends a small but continuous electric charge to prevent the corrosion of metals embedded in concrete. The electricity is carefully adjusted using devices that are placed on the bridges to monitor their performance. This new system is expected to protect the bridge for up to 50 years.
Most of the work will take place under the bridge with minimal impacts to motorists. Boaters will be required to use idle speed throughout the duration of the nine-month long project.
Pneumatic Concrete Company, Inc. of Birmingham has been hired by FDOT to complete the work for $951,626.  The project is expected to take nine months to complete, barring unforeseen conditions such as bad weather.
For additional information regarding this project or other FDOT projects around Northeast Florida, visit  or call 800-475-0044. The public can also follow this project and other projects in Northeast Florida by following the FDOT on Twitter @MyFDOT_NEFL.