Reflections: Who's the best choice for the job?

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By Thomas W. Ivines

Everyone's eyes are on the candidates. What is it going to be, the Republicans or the Democrats?

I have no qualms about saying I'm a Democrat but I am also not beneath voting Republican if I thought a Republican candidate was better. However, in this case I emphatically favor the Democrats for both President and Vice President.

I am a little worried, though. My neighborhood is riddled with McCain - Palin posters. It seems where I live most people are registered Republicans.

My neighbors and I talk on occasion when we meet on the street (while walking our dogs), and I hear things that simply blow me away; things like how they cannot support Obama simply because he is black.

The problem here is they have not bothered to even listen to what he is saying, or do they even care. Yes moderate white supremacists still exist in this country, even right in my own neighborhood.

Then there are all the women who are hell-bent on voting for Governor Palin. Obviously they relate to her because she represents a position of power; and she is candidate. But, would she make a good Vice-President? Personally I have a problem with a hockey mom running this country, even if she is the Governor of Alaska.

The campaign is quickly turning into a mud-slinging match when what we really want to hear are the issues, especially those regarding our economy. Instead, what we are listening to is the candidates making accusations and defending themselves against the assaults of the others. My work colleague calls this the "Karl Rove Strategy." In other words, if you keep your opponent reacting, he or she cannot be affective.

Well, I'll probably get some mail from this column but I'm just being open and honest. I call things as I see them, the same as someone else would call them the other way around. That's why we have the electoral system to begin with. Everyone votes for who they want. In the end it will be the majority who decides who wins and not me. All I can say is, I hope the people of this country get what they deserve when they vote - whoever they vote for.

Talk with you next week.