Reflections: Regrets? Just the one

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By Thomas W. Ivines

Sometimes we do things, even unintentionally that we regret. It just proves how infallible we all really are. This weekend I did something I regret, and it was not intentional.

A friend and I went fishing off Cedar Key last weekend and we had a great time. Afterwards when we got back to shore, we decided to take in one of the fine restaurants there. It was late and by the time we cleaned up the boat and got home, it would have been way past dinner time. Eating out at one of Cedar Key's great restaurants made sense.

The soft shell crab dinner was outstanding and a genuine credit to Cedar Key's fine seafood cuisine. I won't mention the name of the restaurant but the food and service were excellent.

The regret came in after we left the restaurant. My friend and I were yakking and enjoying ourselves so much we forgot to leave a tip. We were simply so carried away laughing and joking with the waitress it just completely slipped our minds.

Forty-five minutes later while driving home we realized the error. By that time it was too late to turn around and go back. The restaurant would have been closed by then. But, don't worry, readers, I'll see that the young lady who treated us so well gets her tip. It will just be a little late.

Now, I hope she reads this column. She mentioned at the time we were paying the check, that she reads the entire newspaper every week just as soon as they arrive at the cashier's counter at the restaurant.

While checking out, my friend told her I wrote a column in the paper, but even after he showed her my picture at the header of the column she did not believe him. "No," she said, "the picture does not look like you," while looking directly at me.

Well, it was me, dear, and I am sorry we did not leave you a tip. But by the time you read this, you will have already received it.

Well, folks, that's my story for this week. In some way I believe the same thing similarly has happened to all of us at one time or another. I just hope like me, you regretted it and saw to it that the error was corrected.

Have a great week; take care and hopefully this column finds you well and happy. Pray for a little sunshine, too, won't you? We need it. I'll be talking to you again next week. In the meantime here's a little tip for you: Plant your corn early this year.