Reflections: Musings on the Tree City

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By Thomas W. Ivines

Out of town for a little while.

This past week I have been in Tallahassee, Florida taking in some educational courses for my new job. Tallahassee is a beautiful place - except it is just dog gone cold here.

Living on the west coast of Florida makes you take for granted the usually mild winters we have. It gets considerably colder towards the interior of the State, especially further north, and northwest like in Tallahassee.

One thing I do like about the town, though, is the rolling hills laden with tall trees. Tallahassee's roads are hilly and the trees are everywhere. That's probably why Tallahassee is and has been known for a long time as the "Tree City."

Restaurants are about as numerous as the trees here - well almost. But it is a good indication that our Florida politicians do like their food. On the main roads through town there are at least three good restaurants to every block.

Tallahassee offers several museums worth visiting, too. The Museum of Natural History is one of them. I think the museum was in Gainesville at one time at the University of Florida, but now it's here at the Florida State University. Anyway it is worth going to.

Speaking of the University, there are sports going on all the time. For five dollars you can attend college baseball and basketball games at least twice a week. I get out of class around four-thirty every afternoon, so I am able to make it to the games, which usually start around six.

There's a nice lake park called the "Duck Pond" on Monroe Street, one of the main roads through town. What a wonderful place to walk. The paved pathways meander throughout the park and around the lake. And the park is lit up at night. Most people jog the pathways in the evening but not me; I just walk leisurely around the lake. It's very enjoyable.

There is no statelier landscape than that of downtown Tallahassee. The Capital building stands out mostly on its own, though the other government buildings stand out, too, complimenting the Capital building. Overall, there are no other downtown areas in Florida like Tallahassee. And, you can walk downtown anywhere because there is virtually no crime. Amazingly, I have not seen a single street person there.

Well, I will be here for a few more weeks enjoying what there is to offer, but it will be nice to get back home. You know, there is no place like home and I do miss it.

Have a great week.