Reflections: Hawaiian revision

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By Thomas W. Ivines

Last week I wrote about the Hawaiian Islands and made a boo-boo. I said the Island of Kawai was known for its popular places. I mentioned Honolulu, Waikiki Beach and a few others like Diamond Head. But, duh! Anyone knows those places are not on Kawai. What I meant to say was the Island of Oahu. Honolulu and the other places are on Oahu.

The funny thing is I have been to Hawaii. It was just drain bramage that made me do it. As a matter of fact I have been to Hawaii twice before, so I don't know how I made the boo-boo. Well, anyway, here's some accurate information:

Many people who have never been to Hawaii think Oahu is Hawaii. It's no wonder because Oahu has the highest population and gets the most attention. What with Honolulu and Waikiki Beach on the Island, and remember Hawaii Five-O? And, how about Pearl Harbor?

The five main islands are Hawaii - that is - the state of Hawaii. Not to be confusing, but one of the islands in the chain is named Hawaii. It is the largest of the five main islands and has enough land mass to hold the area of all the other Hawaiian islands.

I noticed also most visitors go to Oahu without ever seeing the other islands, and that's a shame. It is the least beautiful of the five islands yet gets most of the tourists because it is known on the mainland best.

Not to demean Oahu, but the island is like New York City with lots of tall buildings and people everywhere. There is little elbow room to spare. Honolulu would have to be the New York City of the Pacific.

The most beautiful island in my opinion is Maui, and I'm not just saying that because I married my wife there. It truly is the tropical paradise we have come to know as Hawaii. Most of the people who live on Maui are natives, and there is ample room to breathe. If I were to live in Hawaii my island of choice would have to be Maui. My next choice would be the island of Hawaii, though it is fast becoming nearly as populated as Oahu.

Anyway, I recommend that if you have never visited any of the Hawaiian Islands, you should. There is no place quite like Hawaii. The trouble is, once you been there, you will always want to go back.