Reflections: Dog maintenance

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By Thomas W. Ivines

Just when Max was about dry from his bath, he had to go out to go potty. He only took ten minutes but in that time he covered himself in dirt and sand spurs. You can imagine what a Sheltie looks like with black dirt and sandspurs in his fur.

Not only does he get stickers in his fur regularly, he also gets his paws dirty, too, when he rakes dirt up with his front feet acting macho.

Then there's Molly. She gets ice cream on her chest when she eats ice cream. Such a messy dog, and her mane is nearly six inches long. She gets knots behind her ears, too.

It's never ending. Dog maintenance is a full time job.

Last week Max fell asleep with his head partially in his water bowl. When he woke up he rolled around on the carpet trying to dry himself off. The end results: knots behind his ears. His hair is long just like Molly's. He had to be brushed out again.

After a bath both of our dogs have to be blown dry. They look absolutely gorgeous for a while, but it is full time work to keep them that way.

Then there's the Heart Guard for heartworm prevention and Frontline for fleas. All the dogs have to have their regular shots and boosters. Got to keep them healthy, you know.

We also have a cat that takes a lot of maintenance, too, but I'll get around to O.C. later. By the way "O.C." stands for outside cat but he's not. He never leaves the house.

Anyway if anyone thinks keeping dogs is an easy job they are wrong. Our dogs keep us busy night and day, and that's not even mentioning feeding them and cleaning up after their messes.

But do you think my wife and me would have it any other way? Of course not, because our pets are our life, like our children we do it all out of love. And, when you get right down to it they are far easier to raise, and cheaper than real children. Anyway we've both been there, done that. Besides dogs don't give the grief kids do.

We'll keep the maintenance and the dogs. It's just another activity in the day. Talk to you next week.