Reflections: A bunch of things to worry about

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By Thomas W. Ivines

As promised, here is an update on our attempts to adopt another hairy child: My wife is having second thoughts, even after we passed the home visit by the adoption agency. Max, our male sheltie, keeps telling us he is the only dog we will ever need. "But the other dog we have, Molly," he said, "really needs to go. Put her up for adoption. She'd make a good rescue sheltie."

Anyway, so now I'm not sure if we are going to go see that cute little rescue sheltie or not. And, if Tropical Storm Fay comes our way, we will definitely postpone driving to Orlando to see her. Tropical Storm Fay is predicted to become a Category One or Two hurricane by the time it reaches our neck of the woods. We will certainly be too busy battening down the hatches instead. Adopting will have to be put off under the circumstances.

On another front, the hurricane to be is bearing down on us and it is very evident in Southwest Florida. Some of the gas stations in our neighborhood have already run out of gas. Thank goodness I was able to make it in time to fill up both our vehicles. I also filled a few five-gallon cans for the generator.

The stores have run out of water, too. We loaded up on water in time so I think we are all set. As for batteries and other vital supplies, we are good.

My wife and I were here for Hurricane Charlie. It took the roof off our house. What a mess. Hurricane Fay (if it becomes a hurricane) will be much less intense with maximum winds, they say, of around 85 mph. That should not be too bad but can still do some substantial damage.

Well, when you read this column, we will have sustained whatever the storm dished out. My next and following column will reveal whatever happened then, and I hope my ramblings will be dull with little to nothing to say. With some luck the storm will bypass us enough to be rendered harmless.

So, this column is going to be short because I have other things to do. There are still tree branches in our yard that need pruning. I don't want them to become projectiles to blow through our windows. The garbage cans and lawn chairs need to come in, too. Oh, and then there's the porch flag and porch, potted plants. There's so much to do. I'll chat with you next week.