Reflections: The Apple iPhone's competition

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By Thomas W. Ivines

There are a whole new category of cell phones hitting the market lately. The most recent and innovative is the Apple iPhone. It is probably the closest thing to a hand held, portable computer there is yet.

There are other new innovative cell phones, too, that have nearly the capabilities of the iPhone but none really match up as equal. For one, the iPhone is 3G. That's nearly as good as your desktop computer on DSL. Yes, the iPhone is full Internet capable and does not even need a keyboard.

Making a call from a cell phone these days is almost secondary. The iPhone does nearly everything a computer does. I can see a time when most laptop work will be done on a cell phone instead, especially when on the road.

The iPhone also plays music, videos, and more, so why would you want to lug around a heavy laptop anyway? In comparison a laptop seems cumbersome.

The Apple iPhone is not without competition, however. The Chinese have cleverly cloned the iPhone. Actually, the Chinese originated and marketed the iPhone before Apple ever released it. So, who's to say what came first, the Apple iPhone or the CECT P168. That's what the Chinese call their version.

The CECT P168 has progressed since and has been upgraded to the P168C, the latest and greatest version. It does nearly as much as the Apple iPhone and to the naked eye even looks the same.

Probably the real difference in the CECT 168C is that it is not 3G capable like the Apple, and rightfully so, because 3G is only available in America's cellular networks. That is not to say the P168C is not Internet capable, though. It is Internet capable but through WAP, which is slower.

The real difference is the CECT P168C cost only a third of what the Apple iPhone cost, and for the difference in price it is a much better buy. The P168C can be bought for around one hundred and twenty dollars verses the Apple's price of around four hundred and fifty dollars and up, depending on the memory chip purchased with it.

Cell phone providers won't tell you about overseas cell phone products but you can find out about them on the Internet. The CECT P168C is readily available and works with any GSM carrier like T-Mobile, AT&T, Rogers, and others. All you have to do is plug in your SIM card. The CECT P168C will hold two of them, by the way, so if you have more than one provider you can use both with the same phone. No more dropped calls.

If you are interested, simply type "CECT P168+" into any Internet search engine like Google. You will find tons of information on its capabilities and availability. The CECT P168C may be the way you want to go instead of the Apple iPhone.