Reflections: Angel arrives, amid Olympics, elections

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By Thomas W. Ivines

One of the most spectacular events I've seen in a while has been the opening and closing of the Olympics in Beijing. The two performances were nothing short of a spectacular Cirque du Soleil.

Literally, thousands of people dressed up in lights and exotic costumes, and performed on the floor, on platforms, and in the air suspended from cables. The extravaganza transformed into colorful images to the likes few have ever seen.

As for the athletes, a big kudos for Phelps, who singlehandedly walked away with eight gold medals. We will likely never see a great swimmer as good as Phelps ever again.

This week my wife and I managed to travel to Orlando to pick up our new rescue sheltie, and as promised I have enclosed a few photographs of her. She is an angel. My wife and I both love her. Even Max, who often lets us know two dogs are too many, approves of her.

The political process is in full swing now. The contestants, McCain and Obama, are really heating things up. Instead of boasting on themselves, they are now knocking each other down. Invalidation seems to be the political game of the day.

As far as running mates, it is now known for both candidates and the race is finally beginning in earnest. Where everything will end up is anybody's guess, but my guess is Obama will win the race. He will take residency in the White House. Whether he will make a good president or not, will remain to be seen.

The Atlantic is brewing up more storms, giving way to the potential for more hurricanes. Florida may be pummeled again. Even if not damaging winds from hurricanes, the tropical storms bound and determined to come, will dump even more unwanted rain. Much of the state is flooded already and could be inundated beyond repair by them.

On a good note, fuel prices are beginning to fall. In my neck of the woods regular gas is 50 cents less than just a month ago. In my Toyota's gas tank that translates to a savings of 10 dollars a fill up. But that needs to go down even further.

I read where the Arabs are lowering prices in fear we might actually come up with alternative fuels. If that happens they will be out of business.

I still say we should break our dependence on oil despite them. We will forever be held hostage until we do no matter what we have to pay. The prices will always reflect the demand we have for our thirst until we do.

Now, if only the housing market would stabilize. The price of owning a home is just coming back normal again. I mean let's put things in perspective.

Housing prices were becoming too inflated to afford. The housing crises may be a blessing in disguise.

Hopefully homes for the American masses will be affordable again.

Talk to you again next week.