Reflections: Adopting a furry child

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By Thomas W. Ivines

My wife and I are excited about the potential of an adoption. This Friday a woman from the agency is coming to our house for an interview and inspection of our home. We are frantically trying to get everything in order.

Adopting a rescue sheltie is not a simple matter. A form must be filled out that has very personal questions on it. Then there is a phone interview followed up by a home visit, and that's before you even get to see a dog. Then they check with your vet to see if you have been taking care of the one you already have. They want to make sure you will be a fit doggie parent.

We have picked out the sheltie we want but we can't actually visit with her until we are approved for the adoption. We don't actually have to take the dog we picked but we have to go through the adoption approval process first. There are other shelties we can visit afterwards from a line of Internet photos.

Last week I wrote about losing our beloved kitty, O.C. After some discussion between my wife and me, we decided we would like to fill O.C.'s void with a rescue dog. And, since we already own two shelties already, why not have another?

Thus far we have met all the conditions for adoption. The agency prefers someone with another dog already, and we have a fenced-in back yard and all the other requirements.

Our two shelties, Max and Molly would love to have another playmate, especially Max. Molly is handicapped in a doggie cart, though she still gives Max a run for his money. But, I think Max would like a normal dog for a playmate. That's why we are choosing a female.

That's not to say they will not be neutered and spayed, because they are. Rescue shelties are all spayed and neutered, and so are our dogs. It's just that Max gets along better with females than males.

Anyway, we are looking forward to getting another sheltie but we are learning it is a lot like adopting a child. The process is not easy, though, we are confident we will be approved.

If everything works out well and the dog we picked out likes us and we like her, we will be bringing her home in a week or so. And, I'll tell you what: I'll even take a picture of her and post it in the next column (that is sure to follow this column) if we do. At any rate I will be sure to let you know what happened, even if we don't.

Have great week!