Recycle Paper - Save a Treeee Oh, Really?

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By The Staff

Premise – If you, I, lots of people use recycled paper it will save trees that would have been cut and processed for “virgin” paper.

So, lets say that we successfully “save” one-fourth of the trees that would have been cut… what happens? Let’s see. First timber growers find way more supply than demand.

Second, lowered demand reduces prices/profit. Third, excess inventory i.e. land is converted to higher profit pursuits like housing, mining etcetera. Finally, trees all cut to make room for progress! NO… replanting.

Maybe, buy a paper throw it away, save a forest!

I truly love nature, the environment, and all things outdoors and not man-made. But, I don’t like being used for political purposes and given the mushroom treatment by the loud, shrill enviro-wacos who are content with “BAD” science if it supports their agenda.

The list of examples is too long to examine here and yes, others do play it too. That does NOT make it any better.

That “Save a tree” is just an example but to use it a little longer, what (other than the obvious) is the difference between cutting trees to use for paper, houses, etc., etc., and cutting hay for horse feed? Can you see the bumper sticker – kill a horse, save a hay field?

Next, we look at the number one destroyer of Florida spring run aquatic flora and fauna.