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By Ceday Key School Journalism Class

Homecoming parade

By Molly Gordon-Tysinger

Shark Correspondent

Homecoming week is here and the traditions continue! Today, Jan. 24, is the 2012-2013 homecoming parade. Remember: this is a community event, if you would like to participate, please be at the Cedar Key gymnasium parking lot at 3:30 p.m. where the line-up will begin. The parade will leave the school yard at 4 p.m. and make its way around Dock Street. 

The participants in this year’s parade include Cedar Key High School’s class representatives who are: 9th grade: Taylor Davison and Patrick Jackson; 10th grade: Sarah Bartholemy and Cody Beckham; 11th grade: Laia Gore and CJ Parks; and the senior king/queen contestants: Alicia Lambert with Josh Sills, Haley Simpson with Ryan Beckham, Molly Gordon Tysinger with Kevin Carswell, Meikala Hunter with Eli Glaze, Chloe Reynolds with Austin Pope and Mady Riley with Keith Eberhardt. You can also expect to see Cedar Key’s Teacher of the Year, Linda Campbell, and ESP, Nancy Pelham. 

Don’t forget to come out and show your support! 

Cedar Key varsity

ticket sales

By Lauren Bartholemy

Shark Correspondent

Cedar Key varsity girls are selling $10 tickets for the chance to win $1,000. The Lady Sharks use this fundraiser to pay for their team shoes. 

Each year the team buys new shoes in order for every member to have the correct footwear. All ticket sales are through the members of the varsity girls basketball team. The winner will be announced this Friday after the Homecoming games.




basketball games

By Lauren Bartholemy

Shark Correspondent

  Homecoming is finally here – this year all four basketball teams will be playing the Branford Buccaneers on Jan. 25. The game schedule is as follows:

– Middle School girls: 3:30

– Middle School boys: 4:30

– Varsity girls: 5:30

– Varsity boys: 7:00

  Homecoming Queen and King will be appointed during half time during the varsity boys game. Make sure to come out and support all four of the Cedar Key Sharks basketball teams!


CKS semester ends

with a bang

By Sarah Bartholemy

Shark Correspondent

With the semester ending, it’s time for report cards. It’s so important for students to strive for success and do their best. Congratulations to all of the Cedar Key Honor Roll students for their hard work and dedication during the first semester. 

Second 9 week HS Honor Roll 2012-2013:

9th Grade – All A: Noah Webster; A/B: Taylor Davison.

10th  Grade – All A:  Sarah Bartholemy,  Taryn Epperson; A/B: Phoebe Cahours, Emily Colson.

11th Grade – All A: Brooke Allen, Laia Gore, Tyler Rains; A/B: Tyler Anderson, Vince Bullard, Lauren Bartholemy, Mikayla Pope.

12th Grade – All A: Montana Beckham, Sarah Martin, Alicia Lambert, Chloe Reynolds; A/B: Keith Eberhardt, Molly Gordon, Austin Pope,  Josh Sills, Haley Simpson.


The Middle School Honor Roll for the second 9 weeks is as follows:

6th Grade – A Honor Roll: Holly Bishop; A/B Honor Roll: Hannah Brinkman, Varnell Brown, Kris Burns, Cassie Lozier, Kevin Mansingh, Kent Sloan, Joey Stewart

7th Grade – A Honor Roll: Emilie-Marie Lavoie and Taylor Simpson; A/B Honor Roll: Grayson Yearty

8th Grade – A/B Honor Roll: Jessie Crawford, Abby Osteen, Emily Smith



Speeches make it

to Districts

By Mikayla Pope

Shark Correspondent 

Speeches are the main component of the elementary and middle school year; students prepare vigorously for the competition. 

The Sharks made their way to the District Speech Competition in Bronson. Amanda Robinson placed second, Hannah Brinkman placed third and Ciara Beckham received honorable mention for her hard work.

“The district competition created a lot of pressure, but I pulled through and ended up having a good time!” Amanda Robinson commented when asked about dealing with the event.