Pirates invading this weekend!

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By Ashley Thornton


The pirates are coming! On Sept. 13-15 the streets of downtown Cedar Key will be filled with an estimated 150 people in full blown pirate garb. They’ll be taking over the town as Cedar Key hosts its very first Cedar Key Pirates in Paradise pirate weekend, an event that promises to be full of fun and adventurous pirate activities for kids and adults alike.

The town has invited pirates from all over including Captain William Mayhem, the pirate magician of St. Augustine who will perform Saturday at 4:00 pm.  “There will be historically correct pirates and pirates that are less traditional pirates in their dress,” said Bobby McCabe, one of the coordinators of the event. He went on to mention that they’ve even gotten word of a Klingon pirate who will be bringing his own intergalactic flair to the event. 

McCabe explained that local restaurants have special pirate themed menus prepared for the occasion and their staffs will be dressing as pirates for the weekend, with nearly 100 percent cooperation from the business community, especially in the downtown area.

“We’re very excited about the programs we have prepared for the children. I think they’re going to have so much fun,” said Molly Jubitz, local librarian and one of the coordinators for the event. They are planning for 100 children at the children’s events that will include a treasure hunt, pirate themed movie at the library and other big surprises. Jubitz said this wouldn’t be possible without the Friends of the Library. She also explained that she’s really pleased and excited that almost the majority of the pirates they’ve interacted with have an interest in children’s literacy, reading and art.

There will also be a treasure hunt for the adults with a prize at the end. Other events include a grand pirate promenade through town and an epic birddog sea battle that can be viewed from the public beach. Awards will be given out for the best pirates in different categories.

For more information, visit cedarkeypiratefest.com.