Our Beacon burns bright

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By Kellie Parkin

Some of you may have noticed, or heard by now, that the Beacon’s office is a little… different. 

Well different may not be the right word, exactly.  Gone, might be a little more appropriate in this scenario. Yes, I think that gone is definitely a better fit here.  Last Friday, with help from the Chiefland Citizen’s press crew and a few other select newspaper employees around the county, I moved my one-man office out of Cedar Key to join my fellow reporters over in Chiefland.  Okay, I didn’t actually do much of the moving at all. I sort of moped most of the time, pointing here and there occasionally. It didn’t help when one particular hard working mover would come around the corner of my office to the back door and exclaim each time in her accomplished southern accent, “Wow, would ya look at this view! I wouldn’t wanna be movin’ either!”  And each time she said those words, they would spark a conversation about how wonderful Cedar Key is.  Which happens to be a topic that I find very easy to talk about. I love Cedar Key! I respect and adore the people. I cherish the beauty. I admire the spirit.  So here’s the thing: my office may not be here anymore, but I still am. I’m not going anywhere.  The Beacon is Cedar Key’s community newspaper. Moving our office to the Chiefland Citizen’s building is our way of riding out the recession. We see this as a temporary situation. When things pick up, our office will be back on the island. In the mean time, while there may not be a building in Cedar Key with the Beacon’s name on it, rest assured that the presence of the Beacon remains strong.  Our Beacon burns bright.         Need to reach us?  Please contact the Chiefland Citizen office  (352) 493-4796 office (352) 493-9336 fax 624 West Park Ave. Chiefland, FL. 32626 Office is open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For news related items, email Kellie Parkin  editor@cedarkeybeacon.com or call her cell phone 352-284-1198