Old Families' Reunion a hit, again

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By Ashley Andresen

Lots of laughing, hugs, and telling stories about old times.

This was the scene at the 10th Annual Cedar Key Old Families Reunion. And don't leave out the aroma of fried mullet, hush puppies, and swamp cabbage that came to attendees as they walked in the door.

Mack McCain and others started the event as an "Old Timers Dinner."

"They got together a bunch of the older folks from Cedar Key and the next year brought the children. It kept getting bigger and bigger. It's a small town and everyone's close. People like to know their Cedar Key connections," said Nancy Gordon, who was running the sign-in table.

Kenny McCain explained that several of the guys got together and caught the mullet for the reunion. McCain along with Bubba Castell and James McCain worked together cooking the fish, hush puppies, and swamp cabbage, and everyone else brought a side dish.

The days events included socializing, much good eating, and the introduction of families. A member of each family introduced the other members and told a little about their Cedar Key roots and a family story they enjoyed. Large Cedar Key families present included Castells, McCleods, Wadleys, Andrewses, Beckhams, Richburgs, Baylors, and several others.