Officials warn of latest scam

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By Carolyn Ten Broeck


While it’s true every property owner should have a copy of his deed, there’s no reason to pay an outside agency to acquire it for you for a hefty $83 fee.

Recently Williston’s Virginia Lewis received a letter in the mail from Record Transfer Services in Delaware advising her for $83 she could get a copy of her propery deed.

By mailing the check to a California address, the deed could be acquired through a Tallahassee address.

But Lewis, who is a savvy senior, knew all she had to do was go to the courthouse in Bronson and ask for a copy of her deed and that it wouldn’t cost that much money.

Lewis first checked with the Levy County Property Appraiser's Office who advised it is a scam. She then immediately filed a report with the Williston Police Department. The officer who took the complaint did research and discovered that the office of the U.S. Attorney General has an ongoing investigation against the company.

The Tallahassee address is a U.P.S. store front that is rented, as is the California address.

The company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and three complaints have been filed.

Property owners should be warned to not fall prey to these “official” looking letters.

If consumers wonder about items they receive in the mail that seem official, they should either investigate it on their own or file complaints with local law enforcement agencies or the BBB.

By no means should money be sent to anyone you are not familiar with.