October’s Garden of the Month

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The Cedar Key Garden Club is pleased to name the home of Caryn and Shawn Stephenson, 16550 Hodges Avenue, as the October Garden of the Month.


Their lovely home and wonderfully landscaped gardens and recreation area are in a beautiful Cedar Key setting overlooking the back bay and salt marshes.

The amount of work and care that went into creating this setting is obvious.

The front yard is anchored by large coastal oaks, providing shade for a bed of azaleas and various blooming bedding plants. The back yard is anchored by large cedar trees and a playhouse built around the cedars. There are beautiful plantings throughout the front and back yards.

Some, but not all, of the plants include numerous palms of differing varieties, azaleas, camellias, canna lilies, crepe myrtle trees, a bed of mother-in-law tongue, red knockout roses, mondo grass, hibiscus, red mandevilla vine and traveler palm. Several citrus trees and a large pear tree are thriving in the back yard.

In one corner of the lanai, a unique "woven" topiary hibiscus provides a foreground to the marsh view. In the opposite corner, a beautiful potted blooming mandevilla vine adjacent to the traveler palm helps create a tropical oasis.