Now's the time to fish bottom line

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Captain Danny Allen's Fishing Report

By Danny Allen

Folks, the news for the week is awesome Spotted Seatrout action. I mean good and it will do nothing but get better,  for the next month. 

All of our flats are alive and well. The grass has begun to grow back. The bait schools are moving in and the trout are really happy about it. When the trout are happy, our clients are happy. When our clients are happy, our town is busy and well, I think we all know were this is going. Without a happy town, my boat payments don’t get paid. So all’s well at this point. 

Right now, the weather is great, so I guess that’s all I’ve got to say ‘bout that. Now’s the time to fish bottom line. Poppin’ bobbers for trout, using anything from live shrimp to soft plastics to slow sinking dive plugs. But, be prepared to lose a few baits as you are working, ‘cause the Spanish Macs are here as well. It’s a good thing ‘cause when one hits the line and grabs all hook, Buddy it’s a different ball game - for a minute.

Our redfish are here but spread out quite a bit. Moving around seems to be the trick - covering water. It’s a term I stole from the football world. I call it the BUMP AND RUN. It works. Give stuff that looks good for 10 minutes tops. Live shrimp and cut mullet are all gonna work when you find fish. My lure of choice, right now, is a gold spoon or a topwater plug and if the water dirty add a gulp and a bobber.  Work it loud.

We have our Arts Festival this weekend, so it will be busy on land but our water should be fine. Most folks are here to eat and check out cool artifacts so don’t let that stop ya from mix it up on the salt. 

C y’all on the water.

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.comor 352-215-3686.