Novel about pain pill addiction hits home

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Book Review

Special to the Beacon
Roxy Blues is a fictional story based upon the lives of real people.  It is the story of two ordinary people who live in Cedar Key and the impact that an extremely effective pain killing medication has upon their lives. 
Roxy Contin overtakes a husband and wife's life and becomes an addiction.  This is a novel about what could happen to any of us, writes Pierce Kelley the author, an attorney in Cedar Key.
Although a fictional story according to the author the novel contains many real places in Levy County that anyone who lives here will be quick to recognize.
Jeremy and Sally Thibodeaux are clammers who live in Cedar Key.  Jeremy is injured while at work one day clamming.  He suffers a herniated disc in his lumbar spine.  The doctor that treats him prescribes Roxy Contin to relieve his pain.  Roxy Contin, OxyContin and derivatives of OxyCodone are pain pills.  This type of medication, according the book, is very effective in treating pain, but also has a high addiction rating.
The novel shows the slow but surely downward spiral of Jeremy's addiction to the prescribed Roxy Contin.  When the prescription ends, Jeremy's addiction leads him to purchase the drug from a friend at a much higher cost.  As each week and month passes his addiction increases and his need increases.  Jeremy shares his addiction with his wife, Sally when she slips and falls and injuries her back. Thus begins Sally's addiction too.
Jeremy ends up purchasing illegal drugs from an undercover police officer.  He ends up in jail.  Which in my opinion is the best thing to happen to him.  He is able to overcome the addiction cold-turkey while in jail awaiting trial. 
His wife, Sally continues her addiction as the drug clouds her mind into jeopardizing her life as well as their daughter's.  Her downward spiral ends when the drug dealer she is purchasing her drugs from is arrested and so is she.
Pierce Kelley has a writing style in this novel that catches your attention right away.  You can relate to these two ordinary people residing in Levy County, you may have passed them on the street.  You turn each page with anticipation.  You are cheering for Jeremy as he kicks the habit and are hoping that Sally will too.
Although a fictional story, the underlying story is a true one.  Roxy Blues has become a major epidemic in the United States and is killing people and ruining their lives.
To find out what happens I invite you to read Roxy Blues, a novel by Pierce Kelley to find out how Jeremy and Sally's story ends.