A night of the arts

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 The Cedar Key Arts Center hosted Libby Cagle in the Member's Gallery, and Bill Roberts in the Main Gallery on Saturday. The opening was well attended. 


The next opening will feature R.L. Lewis, a Florida painter. He was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 2004 as one of 26 Florida Highwaymen. Lewis began his art career in high school. He was inspirational right from the start. His teacher, Ms. Leisure, gave him an article about Harold Newton, Florida landscape artist. Mr. Newton was a member of the school later termed the Highwaymen.

Highwaymen artists would travel rural Florida, capturing stunning scenes in oils paints and selling them as they traveld the state’s highways. 

They were all men, with one exception, Miss Mary Ann Carroll. 

Later, as some of the members passed on, the original Highwaymen took in protegee`s who study in the Highwaymen tradition.

Lewis took the Cedar Key Art Festival by storm when he was voted Best of Show in 2010. 

He is scheduled to appear at the Cedar Key Arts Center from 11-5 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 19.