New TV show has ties to Cedar Key

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By Rima Beck

Public Relations

Aadapted by Michelle Pearson of Cedar Key

“Nature Calls*,” an up and coming television show, tells the story of two camp counselors and a unique medley of characters trying to save their beloved Camp Kickapoo from shutting down. To accomplish their goal, they must utilize every trick in the book to keep their camp open and bring back the glamour it once had.

This tale is brought to you from the minds of producer-writer Caleb Pearson and co-producer Lauren Hanna of White Owl Films. Caleb is the son of  Tom and Michelle Pearson, brother of Joshua Pearson and grandson of Gail Pearson, all from Cedar Key. He has visited Cedar Key since childhood and hopes to someday film at least one project in the Cedar Key area.

With a desire to make this show both enjoyable and relatable to its audience, they are asking you to send in all your funny and true camping stories with the intention that they may be used in the show.

“Nature Calls* is not your typical teen sitcom, it is a fully fan involved experience that is aimed to build the hope and dreams in the youth of today. Not only will this benefit kids and teens, it will also help out camps all over. It will encourage the youth to get back outdoors, as well as learn about and appreciate nature,” said Caleb Pearson.

To take part in this adventure, message your story and information (first/last name and email) to www.facebook.com/NatureCallsTV and you will contacted if your story is used. If you send your story to “Nature Calls*,” you are agreeing to the terms and conditions posted in the “About” section of the Facebook page.

*NOTE: They are in the process of changing the title of the show, because there is an adult comedy coming out in November with the same title. Since the project is for a family show, they don’t want to be associated with the adult comedy. So, they are asking you to get those creative juices flowing, and come up with a new and even better title. Let “Nature Calls” know your ideas. Remember that all ideas posted on the page are property of  and Nature Calls (see disclaimer in the about section). They can’t wait to see your ideas.