New garbage system delayed

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By Kellie Parkin

Originally planned for a July start, Curbside recycling and the unit-based pricing with trash-carts provided by Waste Pro has been pushed back to August 1. The carts are on order and will not be available in time for the July implementation.

“I don’t think anyone had any idea how much time was involved in this,” said assistant city clerk Teresa George. “People didn’t just come in and sign up – it was 30 minutes of questions when they came in.”

In addition to the cart ordering delay, the city commission decided Tuesday that the commercial category needed to be revisited and reworked because of complaints by very small businesses that they do not fit in any of the categories.

“Businesses have said to us ‘This rate structure and this category doesn’t fit us. We are not encouraged to recycle.’ And probably 80 percent of their garbage would be recyclable,” Commissioner Sue Colson said. “When you have that many businesses come in and that many complaints – it became evident what we needed to do.”

The Commission will address the issue at the July meeting.