Memorable fishing returns with a vengance

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Danny Allen - August 25, 2011

By Danny Allen

Well folks, we had a great week around our flats, here in Cedar Key. 


The wind blew, when it needed to, and the clouds showed up, when it was too hot. The tides were high, early into the morning - before daybreak - so most trips started before daylight and we were done by lunch. The bite was pretty good fishing on those cooler mornings. 

It seems that this full moon we just had may have brought a few schools of redfish into the area. Our daily redfish totals climbed up to 20 to 25 fish days instead of 10 to 15. Everyday had three to five oversized fish. 

The best day I had was with a local family, from Gainesville, that fishes with me pretty regular.

 The father, Chris Gamma, brings his two very awesome daughters, Melissa and Allison, to us for redfish, redfish, and more redfish. 

Saturday morning that’s what they got — 23 total and 10 over-sizers up to 32 inches. It was their best day yet. Melissa is 11 years old, and with some work over the last few trips, she has really become a heck of an angler. 

At 11, the only issue she is that she weighs about 65 pounds and can’t keep the rod tip up, all the time, with big fish. Really that’s it, she doesn’t have to be told how to do anything else. That’s really cool. 

I had the pleasure to take out a new group from Jacksonville, that has been visiting Cedar Key for many years. 

Steven Lamana and Star Finley fished a half-day on Sunday and were able to pick up a limit of reds pretty quick. Then the bite went tuff. 

What happens next is cool, for sure. Steven says I’ve got two species to catch before I pass. 

First, is a snook and I also wanna boat a nice tarpon. Well, of all the years I been fishing Cedar Key, I have only seen one 34-inch snook come over my side rail, until Sunday. 

Steven boated his snook at about 10 a.m. To say the least, he was happy. 

Now all he needs is a tarpon.That’s why fishing is such a great pastime. The memories that you can make with friends and family are usually untouchable. 

Irene is hanging around out in the Atlantic. Hopefully, by the time this story hits, it will be away from our state. Our red fishing will only get better and better, as we have cooler nights in September. 

We usually get a good push of fish for the fall spawning that goes on around the entire state.

That’s all I got the week. C y’all later!

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.