Meet the Class of 2023

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By Ada Lang

Meet the class of 2023. And in 12 years, try to remember how they looked today - when they were only 5 years old, full of energy and weren't bent over their cell phones texting their 23 BFFs.


The group of 14 are all five years old, except their elder classmate, Jaden Collins, who is six. They sat (or tried to sit) Tuesday for their first interview ever with a newspaper. They talked about school in general, about what they have learned in the past six weeks, what their favorite part about school is, and of course, who their favorite teacher is.

The last question was easy, Miss Kathy McCain. The rest of it, not so easy, especially the part about staying seated on the little circles of carpet that have their names on them. But, Miss Kathy did an impressive job keeping them from bouncing around too much.

A very precocious Alla-Mae McDuff made sure her classmates knew that this was not the first time she had been in the newspaper and wasted no time reciting her mother and sister's names, too. She has learned "to keep my hands and feet to myself" and she likes school because, "It's fun and good."

Bernard Brown was slower to warm up but he has "learned my ABCs and my name" and his favorite part of school is going to the gym.

Shy little Siosaia Wilson has learned "reading and how to share and care" and his favorite thing is, "Going to the lunch room to eat," while Alisa McCain has learned painting but when asked if she enjoys it? Her answer was, "Not so much."

Mason Dibell enjoys going outside and has learned how to read and write his name while Lexi Sharp has learned how to be "very good." Her friend Ana has also learned how to spell and so far her favorite thing about school is eating.

Andrew Smart was sporting a striped polo shirt with a giant SpongeBob logo on it. He said he has learned how to read and is not happy that he cannot play with Batman while he is reading but he does look forward to "painting with colors." Morgan Beckham says that doing puzzles and saying the Pledge of Allegiance are two things she has learned and to prove it, she stood up and started reciting it. Her favorite part about school is riding the bus, especially her bus driver, Miss Christy Thompson.

Jaden Collins has learned a really important lesson in kindergarden and clearly, he was not happy about it. He said he has, "learned not to do flips at school" off the playground equipment. But, he has learned "fun stuff" such as about scallops and crabs.

Brody Ellis is another veteran of the media, since his photo was on the front page of the paper from the Fourth of July parade. He was very proud to say that he has learned "Don't say no, if someone asks you to play with them" but his favorite part of kindergarden is coloring with markers.

Alissa Beckham is no slouch either. She not only now knows how to "print on the computer," using Martha Speaks,which is part of a PBS for Kids learning program but she also "learned how to play good" and likes to "pretend I'm a dragon." The conversation with Alissa also veered off to the topic of learning the Pledge of Allegiance and she and a couple of her classmates spontaneously demonstrated how they "stand like soldiers."

Her friend Lexi Sharp has also learned the Pledge and said, "I can do it all by myself. It's not hard." She proved it by reciting it outloud, however Alissa disagreed and said, "It was hard to learn." Lexi really enjoys riding the bus, going to the lunchroom and getting milk.

Last, little Lori Moser became very animated as she described her favorite thing to do in kindergarden getting to use the art area of the class room and she has learned "how to make a pattern," and proved it by running over to the wall and pointing one out.

Maybe the funniest thing about talking to the kids was, as they each said their names aloud, they spontaneously spelled them, too. They could also recite their "Classroom Promise" without notes.

Show offs.